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Cobs of the Week: South Carolina, Wisconsin, Iowa State, and Dr. Lou

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Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

It's back! Each week during college football season, we nominate the worst from the world of college football from the previous weekend to be named the "Cob of the Week."  There are no restrictions as to the candidates: it can be individual players, or entire teams.  And winning the Cob doesn't exempt you from further ridicule later that season; back in the Dan Hawkins era, Colorado seemed to be nominated every week.

Again, this isn't for run of the mill mediocrity. This is for full face-planting on the national stage... it's the worst.  So Iowa escaping Northern Iowa, while not good, isn't Cob worthy.  So who is Cob worthy?  Here are this week's nominees from the CN team:

South Carolina

Got blasted 52-28 by a Manziel-less Texas A&M squad at home.  Chirp less, play more defense.


Here's a winning offensive idea: bench Melvin Gordon in the second half, and instead put the game in the hands of new starting quarterback Tanner McEvoy, who completed eight of 24 passes for 50 yards on the evening. Even worse, as the game got closer, McEvoy channeled his inner Joe Bauserman by chucking two interceptions.

Iowa State

The Cyclones were the latest victim of defending division 1-AA national champion North Dakota State, losing 34-14.

Andy Fales

Des Moines sportscaster Andy Fales took a few shots at North Dakotans last week.  The funny thing is that Iowans have nothing to claim superiority over North Dakota. North Dakota is actually a more scenic state, and their football is better as well.

Lou Holtz

Has his four candidates for the College Football Playoff:  Florida State (ok), Auburn (fine), Oklahoma (not bad), and Notre Dame.  Seriously.