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Nebraska vs Florida Atlantic: Images of Action

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Our own David McGee shot photos of hot football action at last Saturday's Nebraska - Florida Atlantic game.

Ameer Abdullah put on the show of the weekend in the game; Abdullah was clearly on another level and it will be exciting to see how he does the rest of the season. Will Abdullah be a Heisman contender by mid-season? Will he gain enough yardage to sell the all-time career rushing record over Mike Rozier?

Tommy Armstrong had a career high day, but only completely a little over 50% of his passes. Will this be good enough to get to the Big Ten Championship game?

Jordan Westerkamp might have proven that he'll be a legitimate NFL-level wide receiver. His hands are exceptional - what else do you need?

And the defense.... well we'll see how the defense turns out. FAU made a difficult situation worse for themselves when they kept throwing the ball repeatedly instead of running to run out the clock.