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Saturday Practice Notes: Huskers Walking Wounded After First Week Of Practice

The Huskers get Sunday off before two-a-days start on Monday. They are going to need it after this week.

Eric Francis

The Nebraska Cornhuskers went for around 2 hours today with their first scrimmage of the 2014 Fall Camp. After a 48 hour period that saw Nebraska lose MLB Michael Rose and S Charles Jackson to season ending injuries, plus losing LeRoy Alexander to a season long suspension, the Huskers could ill afford to get more dings.

Unfortunately, just because you want things to not happen, doesn't mean they won't.

- First things first, it sounds like Tommy Armstrong was knocked around a little bit today.

What "dinged up" means could be anything, but there's a wonder that Armstrong got something like a concussion or such.

- If you were hoping that Nebraska could not lose anyone else though, well, embrace the fetal position now.

Now, granted, Taylor was looking like a guy who would be pushing for third string carries behind Ameer Abdullah, Imani Cross and Terrell Newby this year. However, we all know (and are seeing) what it's like for a supposed deep position to get thin fast by injuries. Lets hope the best for the Texas POY that already has had to deal with a season ending leg injury in High School.

- If you're looking for positive news, well, here ya go.

Jaevon Walton, who had spent the beginning of camp back in his native NOLA because of a home issue or heat issues, whatever you want to believe, should help with the loss of Rose.

- Bo Pelini did confirm the injury to Rose. He stated it happened in a non-contact drill, and that Rose will have surgery sometime this week.

Speaking of Rose, looks like he's on the rehab bus already.

- I did not see word about LS Gabe Miller today. He was going to be out for "a while" last Monday.

- Word is Zack Darlington took some live hits in practice today. That's a good thing, and should help the thought of him actually being able to contribute at some point in his career. Remember, he's the one who had multiple concussions last year in his last season of HS Football.

- If you're wondering about how Johnny Stanton looked at practice today, here's a snippet from The Ticket's John Gaskins:

- The kicking race?

- After practice, Bo Pelini sounded upset and short, which is completely understandable when you've had 4-5 players you were counting on at some point in the season to contribute go down at some point the last couple of days.

"Our team morale is fine, I feel for those kids, As far us going forward, we have a lot of good players and a lot of good competition. We will be fine."

"We had a good week, our kids are making progress. There is a lot of competition going on for spots and that competition will continue."

The Huskers will take Sunday off before two-a-day practices commence on Monday morning.