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Michael Rose Says On Twitter & Instagram He Has A Torn ACL, Out For Season

And the hits just keep on coming for the Nebraska Defense

Eric Francis

Losing Charles Jackson to a ACL tear sucks.

Losing LeRoy Alexander to a season long suspension really sucks.

You know what would REALLY REALLY suck? Losing your potential starting Middle Linebacker to a ACL tear.

Well, get ready for that reality.

To his Instagram:

Michael Rose Jr, the Sophomore LB that set the record last season for tackles by a Nebraska Freshman with 66, announced on his Instagram late Friday night that he had tore his ACL when asked in the comment on his Instagram account.

The caption to the photo:

I'm hurting... I'm not gonna lie. I'm hurting bad. So much work out in this off season to get my weight down and body fat to prove to people I can be an every down linebacker. A lot of film study critiquing myself and trying to learn techniques from some of the best linebackers to ever play on any level. It's hard right now for me. I can barely express how I feel right now cause I'm numb to it. It won't hit me until I see my boys, my brothers, my teammates run out on that field aug 30th against FAU. It won't hit me till I see my boy @ameerguapo and @afro_thunder80 put up touchdown after touchdown on defenses this year. It won't hit me until my man @zaireanderson and @vrvj98 and randy lead the way to a top 10 defense. It's gonna be a long process back but I got a lot of good people on my side. I'm coming back stronger than ever. Trust and believe that!! Send prayers up to the man above for me but don't send me sympathy !! I will be back better than ever before !! #GBR #HUSKERNATION


reggieragland What happen bro

4piece_lyons Praying for you bro

rose_iveynb15 @reggieragland tore my acl possibly mcl and cartilage but I'll see more tomorrow.

This is something that Nebraska could simply not afford with losing two of their seemingly starting back 7 in the last 48 hours. Rose came on in the back half of the season last year, and had 17 tackles vs. Iowa in the Heroes Game in November.

This now makes Josh Banderas the defacto starting MLB in Bo Pelini's defense this season.

We will have any comments from Bo Pelini tomorrow.