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Corn Flakes: How Much NFL Talent Does Nebraska Have?

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Pipeline to the Pros: Top 25 CFB teams with most NFL talent -

14. Nebraska Cornhuskers Players to watch: OLB Randy Gregory, RB Ameer Abdullah, WR Kenny Bell, S Corey Cooper, LB David Santos is ranking college football teams based on their talent level. They've put Nebraska at #14, which I am guessing will surprise most of the Bo Pelini naysayers, or most of us, actually, since we've been disappointed in the past few drafts.

Gregory and Abdullah are known quantities. As much as I love Kenny Bell (who doesn't), he's going to need a pretty decent year in order to improve his draft status, and by that I mean less drops not necessarily more production although that wouldn't hurt either.

I am very high on Cooper. He tackles well, has an eye for the ball and should be clear team leader this season. David Santos...  well, he has two years to improve.

Newcomer JUCO transfer Byerson Cockrell was mentioned as well. That's nice, but let's see him on the field this season.

The value of playing true freshmen - Big Red Today - Huskers
Is Maliek Collins fixing for a breakout? That's the word of Big Ten Network's Tom Dienhart, who picked the sophomore defensive tackle as the "breakout star" in the Big Ten West.

Randy York's N-Sider Blog — Jack Has a Mild Setback, Gets Ready for Rex
Jack Hoffman’s family experienced a mild setback Wednesday with some disappointing news in Boston, but the family is hoping Nebraska’s iconic Spring Game record-holder can be revitalized Thursday night when he watches Rex Burkhead, his friend and role model, play against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Importance of Explosiveness | Hail Varsity
With a new quarterback for most of last season, the Huskers offense lacked a little explosiveness in 2013. Can they get it back in 2014?

Install Begins in Huskers' Third Practice | Hail Varsity
Nebraska took the field in pads for the first time this fall, working on installing offensive and defensive concepts.

Longhorns laugh at SEC Network's limited distribution: a retrospective - Good Bull Hunting

Let's see what led up to Texas fans melting down over DirecTV's agreement with the SEC Network.

Broken Code: AFA superintendent calls for investigation of athletic transgressions
U.S. Air Force Academy cadet athletes flouted the sacred honor code by committing sexual assaults, taking drugs, cheating and engaging in other misconduct at wild parties while the service academy focused on winning bowl games and attracting money from alumni and private sources in recent years, a Gazette investigation has found.

Fears Rise Over Wealth Gap as Top Leagues Push Overhaul -

On Thursday, the N.C.A.A. is expected to approve a measure to give more autonomy to the sports powerhouses that compete in the five biggest conferences: the Southeastern Conference, the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Pacific-12, the Big Ten and the Big 12.

in five to ten years, will college football as we know it resemble anything like it is today?

Autonomy 101: What the Power 5 leagues' veiled threats actually mean | FOX Sports
Breaking down the NCAA Division I autonomy vote and explaining what the Power 5 conferences' threats actually mean.

Demystifying Kansas State: When, why, and how are the Wildcats good? - Football Study Hall
Wizardry or sound strategy?

Who is Kyle Prater? - Inside NU
Inside the journey of a former-five-star recruit battling for a starting spot weeks before his senior season.

Big Ten Position Rankings: Running Backs - Inside NU
Over the next month, we’ll be rolling out Big Ten positional power rankings to gage how Northwestern stacks up with the rest of the conference. Next up is the running backs, and wow, there are plenty of good ones.

Ohio State fall practice report: Braxton Miller "limited", updates on offensive line battles - Land-Grant Holy Land
A look at Ohio State's day of 2014 fall camp practice, including notes from running backs, the offensive line, secondary, and more:

B1G 2014 // Michigan State Potluck Part I - Off Tackle Empire
Pleasant surprises and going home

The Michigan State University Visitors' Guide, Version 2.0 - The Only Colors

Many fans have questions about where to go to enjoy good food, drinks, and beds to stay in when visiting East Lansing. The MSU visitors' guide is here to answer them.

Going to East Lansing? Anyone?

College football hate map is confusing -
Some of these make sense. Oregon hates Washington, and vice versa. Minnesota hates Wisconsin, Iowa hates Nebraska, Missouri hates Kansas and lots of people hate Texas. But it also appears that a number of states hate their own schools:

A night without end -

Over two years later, everyone involved is still seeking closure after basketball player Kimani Ffriend hit and killed a young woman in Serbia.

Longform from the mothership about former Nebrasketballer Kimani Ffriend.


An update on the progress of Iowa Touchdowns For Kids 2014 reveals very good news for Mr. Jacobi.

As much crap as we give BGHP and those Iowa sunsabitches, this is pretty damned impressive. We need to do something like this at CN, but I am not familiar with what is needed in Nebraska, nor do I have anyone contacting me. Perhaps we would embarrass someone's foundation since Nebraska football is really as much religion as sport?

Woman uses Nike+ to draw miles-long penises -

The best-ever use of running technology. Too bad it requires you to run.

Did I say embarrass someone?

Official Through These Gates Film Website | Corn Nation/Through These Gates Give Away!
Alright Huskers, here it is – our second “Through These Gates” autographed DVD give away BUT this one is better than the first one. Why? Because we have joined up with Corn Nation ( to have an even better gift bag. This time not only are we including a “Through These Gates” hoodie but also a Corn Nation t-shirt to boot.