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Corn Flakes: Bo Pelini Is On The Hot Seat

David McGee

Back from a short vacation and still climbing out of a mountain of emails.... and trying to get back into the swing of things.

Will Muschamp, Brady Hoke among coaches on the hot seat in 2014 - College Football -

Bo Pelini, Nebraska: A revamped offseason image took some of the heat off Pelini, but early struggles could wipe the shine away again.

Let's just accept a premise going into the 2014 season:

Bo Pelini is on the hot seat.

Unless he wins every game this season, of course, but the chances of that happening aren't very good.

You have been around, however, and you know how this goes.

- Bo Pelini makes for great TV. This is why he's shown on TV when he's yelling at officials, players, Lil' Red, whomever. He has one of the greatest scowl-faces in sports.

- Top that with his offseason social media work, i.e. suddenly funny, somewhat charming persona, and you double the fact that he makes for great TV. There will be more cameras on him than ever this season.

- Any sign of "struggles" and everyone will be looking at Pelini for a reaction. Given his fiery personality after a loss, you know that Dirk Chatelain will be trolling him after every loss this season because that's what Chatelain does, and he does it very well.

- It's an easy story line. It gets people talking. It gets Husker fans angry at each other, and making people angry with each other is about 10,000,000 times easier than making us all love each other. Newspapers want to sell newspapers, ala why Chatelain trolls.

- Rather than waiting for the "BO PELINI IS ON THE HOT SEAT" article, let's just start out the season with that attitude because Bo Pelini is on the hot seat. All coaches not named Nick Saban are.

- Here's something you can tell your friends: You support Bo Pelini, but he's on the hot seat. While they pass out because they're too stupid to hold conflicting thoughts in their head you can take their cash, the rest of their beer, and maybe their girlfriend/significant other if they're HOT ENOUGH to warrant such action.

- Starting the season out this way we don't have to be shocked and amazed when the story line starts to evolve. We can have fun with it rather than just be angry.

- I would really really really like to see the same media that covers football try to cover Darin Erstad after a loss. I'm guessing, oh, 50% casualty rate.

2014 Wisconsin football preview: Badgers linebackers begin post-Chris Borland era - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Chris Borland is finally, sadly, gone. How will the Badgers' linebackers fill that incredible void?

Dave Revsine's New Book, Where Kickers Rule - Off Tackle Empire


I recently listened to Revsine talk about his book on the Solid Verbal podcast, and it sounds very interesting, especially if you're into college football history.

The Top 25 Jobs in College Football | FOX Sports

Outkick's top 25 jobs in college football.

Nebraska is on the list, obviously, but the complaint of WHERE OH WHERE WILL WE FIND THE PLAYERS has been the case since World War II. You could make the point that joining the Big Ten didn't help due to the national perception of Big Ten football, but, really it's the same as it's always been - Nebraska has to recruit nationally.

Randy York's N-Sider Blog — One of NU’s Toughest-Ever Impresses Chiefs

One of NU’s Toughest-Ever Impresses Chiefs Ricky Henry is in the mix to start for the Chiefs. Spencer Long Projected Future Starter...

I am confused by this. Do we claim Ricky Henry or not?

And the world's best zoo is ... -
Naming 275 zoos and aquariums in total, the awards call the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, the world's best.


Nebraska just can't seem to find a rival: This time with rhymes!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Iowa. Whatever.

Northern State University - Northern State to Induct 2014 Hall of Fame Class

Tim Miles – Kretchman Coaching Award A native of Doland, S.D., he graduated from the University of Mary in 1989 and earned a master's degree in health and physical education from Northern State in 1990. He was inducted into the University of Mary Athletic Hall of Fame in 2007. Miles, and his wife, Kari, have one daughter, Ava, and one son, Gabriel.

Congrats to Coach Miles!