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Nebraska Football: Season Opener Depth Chart

Joe Robbins

In the category of "news because of it's mere existence", Nebraska has released their first depth chart of the season. Nothing really new here, though I suppose a few  people will be surprised anyway.


QB: Tommy Armstrong, Ryker Fyfe, Johnny Stanton

I-Back: Ameer Abdullah, Imani Cross or Terrell Newby

Fullback: Andy Janovich, Harrison Jordan

WR: Kenny Bell, Taariq Allen or Brandon Reilly or Sam Burtch

WR: Jamal Turner or Alonzo Moore

WR: Jordan Westerkamp, De'Mornay Pierson-El or Brandon Reilly

TE: Cethan Carter, Sam Cotton, Trey Foster

LT: Alex Lewis, David Knevel

LG: Jake Cotton, Dylan Utter

C: Mark Pelini or Ryne Reeves

RG: Mike Moudy or Chongo Kondolo

RT: Givens Price or Zach Sterup or Matt Finnin


DE: Greg McMullen, A.J. Natter or Joe Keels

DT: Vincent Valentine, Kevin Maurice, Logan Rath

DT: Maliek Collins, Kevin Williams, Jerald Foster

DE: Randy Gregory, Jack Gangwish

BUCK: David Santos, Marcus Newby

MIKE: Josh Banderas, Trevor Roach

WILL: Zaire Anderson, Courtney Love

CB: Josh Mitchell, Boaz Joseph or Chris Jones

S: Corey Cooper, D.J. Singleton

S: Nate Gerry, Kieron Williams

CB: Daniel Davie or Jonathan Rose

Nickel: Byerson Cockrell, Josh Kalu

Special Teams

Place Kicker:  Drew Brown or Mauro Bondi

Punter: Sam Foltz

Long Snapper: Josh Faulkenberry or Nate Gerry

Holder: Sam Foltz

Kickoffs: Mauro Bondi

Kickoff Returns: Alonzo Moore, Kenny Bell, Jamal Turner, De'Mornay Pierson-El

Punt Returns: Jordan Westerkamp, Kenny Bell, De'Mornay Pierson-El, Jamal Turner

Some stats that might raise an eyebrow and give you an idea how young this team is:

  • Defense by-class:  Seniors 4, Juniors 8, Sophomores 7, Redshirt freshmen 5, True Freshmen 4  (That's a young defense.)
  • Offense by class: Seniors 6, Juniors 10, Sophomores 12, Redshirt freshmen 4, Freshman 1