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Corn Nation FAU Bold Predictions

Your Corn Nation staff offers their take on Nebraska - FAU

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to Carl Pelini's resignation/firing as the Owl's Head Coach for allegedly doing blow and weed during his tenure as coach, this game was setting up as a fun reunion between the brother's Pelini.  Now, it's really nothing more than another potential early season cupcake feed.

Here's what your CN writers think.

RanchBabe  45-13 NU

Bold prediction: We end up on the positive side of the turnover margin
Bold prediction 2: Someone actually CATCHES a punt (but fumbles their chewing gum)

Brian  37-20 NU

Hey... remember last season when we saw a lot of bad things with good things last season against Wyoming? Well, we won't see that Saturday.

But, we won't win the whole damn year in game 1.

It's a long season. Defense looks good? Well okay then. We can move the ball and score? That's great. But it's a marathon.

I think Nebraska will look good, not early though because every team doesn't look good in the first part of the 1st quarter of the season. Ameer gets 160 rushing. Tommy scores 2 TD's. We have a turnover. Gregory looks okay. Both sides look lost. Special teams gets a 15 yard punt return and it doesn't get better afterwards. In other words, we go 1-0 and have a ton to talk about Sunday and Monday.

Greg Mehochko  44-16 NU

The new tunnel walk is going to whip everyone into a frenzy and help Nebraska set the tone early. Look for big things from Ameer out of the backfield. TA4 will have to wait a wee to live up to the Texas hype of being a gunslinger.

Defensively, the line will have to step up in a big way because of the injuries seen this fall in the linebacker corp and secondary. Randy Gregory should have himself a nice feast.

Ty  41-24 NU

Fans are disappointed to learn that Carl isn't allowed at the game no matter what (though no one more so than Tunnel Walk of Shame). The new Tunnel Walk with the Tommie Frazier-Bo Pelini cage match is greeted with a luke warm reception, requiring Larry the Cable Guy to crack some jokes about being poor from one of his three sky boxes.

Okay, IRL, this is close to a scrimmage. I think we learn a couple of names we didn't know before this game, and we see a LOT of different people (especially in the trenches) as depth charts are finalized. I don't care if the coaching staff says they are already. I also think Armstrong proves himself better than the naysayers... say (Sorry, I wasn't thinking). Huskers win, but it's closer than it could be.

David 49-10 NU

There will be no mail to deliver this time. All the owls in the owlery could not defeat this this Huskers squad. It'll be a hoot.

Paul 45-17 NU

I'm saving my southern Florida cocaine jokes for the Miami game, leaving me with little snark to offer.  Abdullah and Gregory don't disappoint and the owls score late.

Andy K. 68-14 NU

Bo's been waiting for this one. He's saying all the right things at the pressers, but there's been the same gleam in his eyes that Bronson would get during the "Death Wish" movies. FAU hosed a family member over hard & now it's time to pay. You simply don't screw with family and not expect Youngstown justice.

If he thought the fines would be within reason, the Blackshirts would be ripping helmets off & slicing themselves some hair, but it can be assumed that, even though conference rules don't address it directly, scalping is severely frowned upon.

He'll stop just sort of 70 as the bloodlust gradually sates him. Carl was expected to be on the sidelines, but cooler heads prevailed and the pass was revoked since he wouldn't shut up about "doin' me some cuttin'" when the gun sounded.

Jon Johnston 45-13 NU

The defense will hold FAU to less than 150 total yards, while gaining three takeaways. The offense will run for over 400 yards, while throwing for 180 more. Everyone scores, even that pimply freshman guy in the spiderman outfit. Meaning, endless comparisons are made between Bo Pelini and Tom Osborne because no one can help themselves anymore, it's like an endless crack addiction from which no one ever dies.