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Bo Pelini Weekly Press Conference Summary (8/25/2014)

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

With it finally being game week, Bo Pelini's weekly Monday press conferences are back. And for this week's presser, Bo rocked a new look:

Pelini said it was to honor the 125th season of Nebraska football as well as Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne. And he liked it...

And we might see it again on gameday...

In more serious news, captains were named yesterday:  Ameer Abdullah, Kenny Bell, Corey Cooper, Jake Cotton, and Josh Mitchell.

Also, incoming linebacker recruit Javeon Walton won't be part of the program this season.  He could rejoin the team in January.  According to Pelini, Walton needs to "follow through" on some things before coming back.

Receivers Brandon Reilly and Sam Burtch, along with punter Sam Foltz were awarded scholarships this fall.

Tommy Armstrong will start at quarterback on Saturday, and there are no plans to bring another quarterback into the game at a specific point of the game, like last season.

In other comments:

And finally, Abdullah talks a little smack...