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Corn Flakes: SBNation Complete College Football Preview

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Mothership - - released their college football previews yesterday, so there's some good stuff here, linked below.

Phil Steele - Nebraska is Overrated
WELL, PHIL, IF YOU'RE WRONG YOU WILL NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT, YOU SUMBITCH. If you're right, everyone in Nebraska will be dead from fires. So... there's a lot at stake here.

Notes: Huskers’ new motto on offense promises a punishing style - Big Red Today - Husker Football News, Schedules And Videos

Although Nebraska running back Ameer Abdullah hinted at a new motto for the Huskers’ offense at Big Ten media days, right guard Mike Moudy fully unpacked it for reporters Wednesday night.

A new motto. "The Red Storm". I get it - it's something to build on. At the same time your reaction might be that they need to earn it before they start telling people about it because if this season goes wrong, it's going to get changed to "The Shit Storm" really fast.

2014 College Football Guide -

You're not ready for college football season without these 128 massive team guides and six feature stories.

The mothership does some great design work, but, honestly, I am not a fan of it. Most of the time, it drives the CPU up on my laptop, and my browser goes wonky, won't scroll through it properly. To be fair to them, if I were doing design everything would like look a 50s sitcom.

I would like to hear of what others think of both content and design, though.

25 maps that explain college football -
Your atlas on America's greatest, wildest, and most sprawling sport

Evolving the option: The pop pass and the future of football -

"What they have done is separate the defense," says Diaz. "Slants are now a one-on-one tackle, because the pursuit of your defense is gone. You better have 11 guys that are excited about tackling now."

If there's one article I want you to read on the mothership, it's this one.

You look at the packaged play diagrammed that includes this:

They have a slot receiver running a bubble screen while the outside receiver shows a bubble block before flying downfield. The player who makes the read on whether to throw or run is ... the running back.

And you think about the running back being Ameer Abdullah, and you put Kenny Bell in there, along with Jamal Turner and Alonzo Moore, and you have a play that most defenses are going to have a hard time stopping as long as Tommy Armstrong Jr or Ryker Fyfe or Johnny Stanton can successfully execute those plays.

Blueprint for a rebuild: Six head coaches on how to restore a college football program -
Six head coaches at different stages of their careers explain how to restore a college football program.

Faux Pelini Comes Clean - ESPN Video - ESPN

ESPN Video: In his first on camera interview, the man behind one of the most famous parody accounts on Twitter comes clean about why he does it and his obsession with cats.

By now everyone has probably seen this. My question - how long can Fauxpelini keep this up?

COLOUR MY KINNICK - Black Heart Gold Pants
Some say that Kinnick Stadium needs to improve its gameday atmosphere. Thank goodness Gary Barta has just the man.

Clemson Loses Zac Brooks For Season - Shakin The Southland
Running back Zac Brooks will miss the 2014 season after suffering a leg injury at practice Monday night.

Volcano could jeopardize Penn State-UCF game in Ireland -
The Icelandic volcano has an increased risk of eruption and could shut down air travel to Ireland, where the Nittany Lions and Knights will play.

Toronto Blue Jays suing Creighton for stealing their logo - No Coast Bias
The Toronto Blue Jays came out of left field (pun definitely intended) with a lawsuit against the Creighton Bluejays. They are alleging that Creighton began using the Blue Jay (or Bluejays) logo in September of 2013, and that it has and will continue to damage, "cause confusion, cause mistake, and deceive the trade and public, who are likely to believe [Toronto's logo] ha[s] their origin."

Miami Football: Update on Jake Heaps - State of The U
Quarterback Heaps not 100% but "ready to go."