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Video: Bo Pelini & The Huskers Have A Message For Jack Hoffman

The team finds out what's going on with Team Jack and they speak out on the latest news.

David McGee

So, we all know about the latest issue with Jack Hoffman. If not, a quick refresher.

It was found out a few weeks ago that Jack's brain tumor had come out of remission. And the opening line that was used in his CaringBridge page gave us all a reminder of the Hoffman's constant battle.

Today we were humbly reminded that when your child has an inoperable brain tumor, that anything can happen at any point in time.  Despite Jack's tumor being declared in remission (stable) last October, today we learned that that is no longer the case.  While we left Boston in April with the knowledge that there was a "spot of concern", we nonetheless remained optimistic that it was just nothing.

Today we had a full plate of appointments -- MRI, neuro-surgeon, neurology and neuro-oncologist.  Doctors informed us that Jack's brain tumor has grown since the April MRI.  This tumor reoccurrence is going to require some type of therapy.  The tumor reoccurrence is potentially resectable.  Thus, surgery is now an option. Options include a third neurosurgery and/or a second round of chemotherapy.

Jack is currently in Boston, where he's undergoing treatment.

The team and HC Bo Pelini found out, and this came out this morning.

Freaking allergies. I got to get to work man, can't have eyes and sniffling like this.

Keep kicking cancer's ass, Hoffman Family.

To read about & donate to the Team Jack Foundation, click here.