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Big Red Cobcast: Charlie McBride Interview

The fellas interview Mr Blackshirts himself! They talk about computers, recruiting Barry Sanders, Bo Pelini and who the huskers need to look out for next season.

I became a Husker fan when I was a kid, just like most of us. We also probably started cheering for many of the same reasons: Family, friends, neighborhoods, cities, hell, the whole state shut down on game day. What else were we really going to do? I wasn't going to walk the empty streets of Lincoln alone, mainly because I was a child. A small, scared, friendless child.  A child that idolized the Huskers.

I had many childhood dreams: I wanted to grow up and be a professional wrestler, I wanted to be the most famous actor in the world and I wanted to be a fire truck. I never got to achieve those dreams but yesterday I did GET TO INTERVIEW CHARLIE MCBRIDE! So I'm just living the dream here guys.

We sat down (digitally) with Charlie and talked about everything from where he came from, how he got to Lincoln, computers, recruiting Barry Sanders, and my personal favorite, if the SEC is a bunch of dirty, filthy, cheaters. Coach also gave us some tips on who we should watch out for this next season. Here's a hint: Its not Indiana.

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