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8/16 Husker Practice Report: Another Torn ACL, Armstrong Emerges at QB

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

First of all...


- Backup guard Corey Whitaker suffered a torn ACL and is out for the season, because... you are clearly doing something wrong and causing evil upon our football team. Stop it.

- Quotes from Bo Pelini from the official release (because I'm lazier than Brian):

"We just finished up what I thought was a pretty good week," Pelini said. "I think we are in a situation now, more on defense than offense that I think there is a bit of too much separation in a couple positions between the 1's and the 2's."

To Pelini, the upperclassmen and starting group on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball have been impressing him with their competition.

"I feel good about where our upperclassmen or 1's are now, the 2's are still coming and there is still good competition on the offensive side of the football," Pelini said. "I think we are right where we want to be-we have to keep plugging along."

Nebraska, which in recent years has become Kicker U, will look to continue to plug in the next great Husker kicker. Up to this point in camp though, there has not been much separation between junior Mauro Bondi and true freshman Drew Brown.

- Tommy Armstrong Jr is becoming the solid starter at quarterback, which should surprise no one:

"Tommy had a good week, a very good week. Defensively we have installed a lot so we have been throwing a lot at him," he said. "I think he has progressed, is he exactly where we want him to be at? No. He plays the quarterback position which is difficult, but he has seen a lot of looks and I think he is managing the offense really well."

Then there's a whole bunch of tweets: