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Corn Flakes: The SEC Network Begins...

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC Network is on the air!

You care, don't you?

It isn't showing up on my Dish Network programming, yet, so I can't tell you as to whether or not it will be the most wonderful thing in the history of sports. There seems to be this attitude that there's a competition between BTN and the SEC Network, a concept I admit I don't understand. Anything that provides us with more college sports, especially football, is okay with me. It's not like I'm not going to watch SEC football in some sort of protest against them.

I'll admit to having never listened to Paul Finebaum on the radio, but now that he's on TV, well... that's just "can't miss" programming, ain't it, especially when you compare it to the 100+ other channels of crap that's available.

NCAA, major conferences seek delay to scholarship lawsuits -

The NCAA, Pac-12, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC and ACC are asking for an extension to respond to the Shawne Alston and Martin Jenkins antitrust scholarship lawsuits.

You realize that the rest of our lives are going to be shaped by never-ending lawsuits against college football, right?

The 3 big things to know about the SEC Network for launch day -
The football power has college sports' biggest conference network before it even launches. Now can it also be the best?

SEC Network launches, immediately gives Tim Tebow a cake -
Is it a coincidence Tim Tebow and the SEC Network will forever share a birthday? Will Tebow continue to get presents every day this channel is on air?

Live-Tweeting the SEC Network Launch - Team Speed Kills

Tweets from

The Best Shows You Won't See On The SEC Network - Dawg Sports
The SEC Network begins broadcasting today. There are already places you can go to find out what cable or satellite package you need in order to view the network,

Big Ten football questions, in 140 characters or less " Big Ten Network
Big Ten football is set to kick off in exactly two weeks. As the season approaches, excitement is at an all-time high, but there are still several questions surrounding every Big Ten team. How do we go about summing up all of these questions for

Slow Jams for Sad Teams, the honest college football hype video mix -
Did your school lose more games than they won? Then they don't deserve a badass hype video. They deserve a slow jam.

A Special Trip to Lincoln, Nebraska - State of The U

A story about family, tradition, and learning life lessons through college football. The upcoming Miami Nebraska game means everything to me. I hope Canes fans connect with the article and enjoy it.

Read this!

College Football Playoff Selection Committee Rules Are Good. They Could Be Better - Team Speed Kills
The 'protocols' leave a lot to be desired, but there is at least one that should provide some of the transparency that was promised.

Counting down the funniest moments of Bo Pelini's offseason -

The 2014 college football offseason has been All Bo Everything, so let's do some celebrating.

I laughed.

Randy York's N-Sider Blog — Cornhusker Kickoff Combo Rare NU Offering
I was in a Lincoln doctor’s office today and met John H., who is a devout Nebraska football fan.  He follows the Huskers religiously in a variety of ways and was energized by everything Big Red with one small exception.  At the end of our conversation, he said there’s only one drawback about Nebraska selling out of every home game.  "My wife and I would love the opportunity to buy tickets for us and our three children, so we could experience at least one home game together as a family, but I don’t think there’s any chance of that ever happening," he told me.

Watch the world implode in reaction to the Iron Bowl's all-time insane ending -

And just for review....

Auburn wins. Alabama won't three-peat. And the way it happened was absolutely bonkers.