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8/13 Practice Report: A Two Quarterback System?

News and notes from Nebraska's second scheduled two-a-day morning workout.

Eric Francis

Your Nebraska Cornhuskers Football team took to the fields around North Stadium for a 90 minute workout in half pads on Wednesday morning. They will return tonight for a full pads practice.

First and foremost, there were no injuries reported in the practice or the ones before. SO BREATHE. Alright? Alright.

- When asked about the Quarterback starting role, HC Bo Pelini said that there was no reason to name a starter right now. However, if you want a depth chart, Pelini said it would go in the order of Tommy Armstrong Jr, Ryker Fyfe, and Johnny Stanton. There were a few whispers about a Two QB System on twitter today as well.

I can already hear the screaming now.

- RB Terrell Newby and WR Kenny Bell were two of a few that sat out practice on Wednesday morning. Pelini said Newby was day to day. LS Gabe Miller is also still out, and hasn't practiced since the start of camp. If Miller can't go, Fr Josh Faulkenberry or Linebacker Nathan Gerry are your longsnappers.

- LB Jaevon Walton was expected in Lincoln today, and will be practicing with the team Thursday and Friday. He will not be able to go in pads for a couple practices, per NCAA acclimation rules.

- Tommy Armstrong was out of a Green "no contact" jersey, coming off of being dinged up this weekend. Also, Alex Lewis returned to practice today as he was held out for a undisclosed reason the past couple of days.

- Punt return wise, names that have been mentioned in returning kicks are Ameer Abdullah and Jamal Turner. Still no word on whether people are, yanno, going to be allowed to block people on the other team to let a return happen. But when it does, we'll be right on it!

Nebraska will practice tonight and Thursday night, and the next time for media availability will be after Friday morning's workout.