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Nebraska vs. Miami Will Get ESPN College Gameday..... Radio, For Now.

The WWL will be broadcasting from Lincoln for the Huskers primetime duel with the Hurricanes. It's just not what most fans want, so far.


Nebraska Cornhuskers fans have been clamoring hard for ESPN's College Gameday to come to Lincoln the past few years. While the team's schedule hasn't really been conductive for a visit from Fowler, Herbie and Corso, this year's game vs. the Miami Hurricanes on September 20th have put the catcalls out on twitter and message boards for the show to return.

On Tuesday afternoon, ESPN finally listened to you and College Gameday will return to Lincoln for the game!!

But it's not what you want, yet.

In a release by ESPN today, they announced that College Gameday Radio will be in Lincoln on September 20th for the Nebraska/Miami tilt. The show will be hosted by Matt Barrie, and he will have Trevor Matich and Brad Edwards. The show will be live from 11am-6pm local time. Usually, with these locations, the broadcasting will originate from somewhere close to the Stadium, in this case Downtown Lincoln.

The full release comes from NU's Kelly Mosier in this tweet.

For those hoping the TV folks show up, you'll have to do some cheering and hope that Clemson loses early, or else they are going to get the gig at Florida State that day.

The last time Nebraska got the ESPN gig to visit was when USC came in and defeated the Huskers in Memorial Stadium in 2007, which signaled the start of the death knoll for Bill Callahan.