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Big Red Cobcast: Mr. Freeze (Episode 21)

In this episode our famous Husker threesome talks about the new uniforms, Bo's new mojo and we get a *visit from Ol' Miss football coach Hugh Freeze.

Joe Robbins

Every time I get back from a fast food restaurant my dogs wait by me with tails wagging knowing that  I  will give them a French Fry. Its their favorite. Even though at some point I'm sure it makes them feel bad they still wait patiently for that ever so quick taste they get of fried lard on potato.

This is a metaphor for my relationship with college football.

I wait for 8 months, it comes, I love it so much. I change the way I live my life while its here, in the way one would change their life when parents come to visit or you want a new girlfriend to not realize you are a dirty, filthy pig. I quit partying on friday night so I can rally extra hard on Saturdays. Every Sunday is torture. Just like when my dogs puke up fries on my fiances brand new carpet. We are the same me and my dogs. And fries are the same as football and its almost here. My tail is wagging.

In this episode we talk about the new uniforms, Bo's hilarious new antics and we get a *visit from Ol' Miss football coach Hugh Freeze. Obviously its not really him. We are pretending to be him in order to make fun of him and everything he stands for. Which is nothing. Burn.

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