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Hugh Freeze Speaks Out On Bo Pelini's Comments On Stringfellow Incident

Freeze: "We're all in this together". Every other coach in FBS: "We are?"

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

So, word made it back to Ole Miss Rebels Head Coach Hugh Freeze about the comments that Nebraska Cornhuskers Head Coach Bo Pelini had about when asked about the commitment then flip of former Washington Wide Receiver Damore'ea Stringfellow from Nebraska to Ole Miss.

When Pelini was asked about it, he stated "Read between the lines. I think we all know what happened in that situation." Furthermore, when pressed more, he stated that it was tough when working with "a clueless parent". This is from the thought that Stringfellow's Mother, who had stated she purchased tickets to have her son and herself head to Oxford originally, was the reason that Stringfellow flipped.

Freeze made comments to media on Friday, and these quotes were gotten from the Jackson Clarion-Ledger's Hugh Kellenberger, who is the Ole Miss beat writer for the paper.

First thing's first, while I would like to hope that Freeze is being sincere and nothing happened, there's a big issue that I'm having that "we're colleagues and in this together". Bottom line, Freeze had the best shot to impress both mom and son into getting them into Ole Miss. I highly doubt that any other FBS coach is going to think "hey, we're in the same fight" when it comes to recruiting. If Freeze honestly believes that..... well, he doesn't.

What Nebraska did wrong, again, was not being able to get Stringfellow into summer classes in time, but that was not their fault. Washington was in summer classes, and UNL's schedule didn't allow Stringfellow to enroll for a couple of weeks.

As far as reaching out to Bo, there's something to be said about Freeze being around the Nebraska staff while this was going down. To remember, Ole Miss was in the College World Series and the Nebraska staff was hanging with the Ole Miss staff at TD Ameritrade Park. Remember this tweet?

I doubt that Freeze felt the burning urge to reach out to Bo and anyone on the staff to say "Hey, no biggie, but that 4 star WR you think you had? He's on the Grove right now and SUCK IT."

Did Bo go overboard with the comments? When it came to the clueless parent part, yes he did. But otherwise, well, there's no one that is going to investigate it. Bo can say it happened, Hugh can say it didn't. And, unless Charles Robinson of Yahoo gets involved, that's where it's gonna stop.

Mom? Yea, I think Mom wanted her son in the SEC more than anything. Hugh Freeze is one hell of a recruiter, no matter your opinion of what his coaching acumen is.

Just another page of a book that I don't know why it keeps getting written here. But have at it friends.