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Corn Flakes: College Football 2014 = Chaos As Normal

Jon Johnston

In case you missed it, Stewart Mandel has moved from (still hate their new web site) to Fox Sports. His first article for Fox Sports is linked below. It's an absolutely wonderful article that you should read and then rejoice in the fact that the 2014, with it's fancy-dancy new four-team PLAYOFF, will be just as full of chaos as any other season we've experienced.



Okay, I realize all y'all that want to build order out of chaos are going to be saddened that the new COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF was supposed to be bringing just that, but you tell me, how you gonna build order out of an environment that features Iowa State in the same conference as Texas?

If you thought the BCS was chaos.... you're in for a complete surprise this season.

Four critical questions that will determine the 2014 CFB Playoff | FOX Sports on MSN

... in 2014, for the first time ever, the only rankings that truly matter will be those of the 13 men and women serving on the inaugural College Football Playoff selection committee.

Give it a read. Then give us your thoughts in the comments section! (It's a good thing they have advanced stats available because that will make everything better!!!!)

O'Bannon v. NCAA: With trial over, what comes next? |

The O’Bannon v. NCAA trial concluded last Friday, but the case is far from over. During the next two weeks, both sides will submit legal briefs that clarify their arguments. U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken is expected to issue an order by early August. The future of college sports is in her hands.

This is an excellent piece on where the trial stands, what might happen, and it's written by a lawyer in mostly plain English.

Detroit Lions' Ndamukong Suh is a 'stud,' trainer says -
The personal strength coach for Ndamukong Suh told Ian Rapoport that the Detroit Lions' fearsome pass rusher will hit training camp as a "physical specimen." What else did he have to say?

NCAA says you can help a homeless Drake player. As long as you don't cheer for Drake. -
Even when the NCAA does the right thing, it really doesn't.

Because you haven't seen enough Sad Brazilians....

Brazil's demise, as depicted by one fan losing his damn mind -
...while his hat friend just mopes.

Every fan in Brazil is crying right now -

Everyone's heart is broken forever.

I got the chance to watch this game on ESPN3 while at work. I didn't watch the entire match, but it was an ass-kicking for the ages. What bothered me most wasn't the shots of upset fans, but when the game was finally over, most, if not all, of the Brazilian team fell to the ground in grief, as if they weren't the ones who just spent the last 50 minutes of the game walking around the pitch barely bothering to play soccer.

And then, just because....