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Vine St. Hooligans Podcast - Ep. 5: Interview w/ Nebraska Wide Receiver Kenny Bell

Senior Nebraska wide receiver Kenny Bell chats with the VSH crew to answer questions about the life of a student-athlete, the quarterback race, Jayskers, individual and team expectations for next season, the atmosphere in Memorial Stadium, and more!

Eric Francis

The Vine St. Hooligans interview senior Nebraska wide receiver Kenny Bell, discuss the U.S. soccer team's performance in the World Cup, how to pump up Memorial Stadium leading into the 4th quarter, and more in the latest edition of the Vine St. Hooligans podcast.

Here's a breakdown of the topics covered during the Kenny Bell interview:

  • Jayskers
  • The life of a student-athlete
  • Kenny's favorite moments as a Husker
  • Team and personal goals for the 2014-15 season
  • How to improve the environment at Memorial Stadium
  • Pre-game superstitions
  • Kenny's recruiting story
  • The best cornerback Kenny has faced during his career
  • The haircut controversary
  • World Cup reactions
  • Kenny's College World Series experience
  • Best wings in Lincoln
You can jump right into the podcast by clicking the play button below or you can check out the show notes at the bottom of this post for detailed information about the segments and music included in the show. Enjoy!

Show Notes:
00:00:14 - Intro
00:03:46 - USMNT World Cup Recap
00:29:24 - Kenny Bell Interview
01:06:10 - CWS Video
01:08:44 - 4th Quarter Music
01:15:36 - Final Thoughts

00:00:14 Camron - Hey Ma
00:29:20 Outkast - So Fresh and So Clean
01:06:01 Skillet - Hero
01:19:56 Sent By Ravens - We're All Liars