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Nebrasketball: Forward Leslee Smith Tears ACL In FIBA Tournament

Nebrasketball's front line takes a big hit.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska Cornhuskers Senior power forward Leslee Smith has been diagnosed with a torn ACL in his left knee after injuring it playing for his native British Virgin Island national team who are competing in the FIBA Caribbean Basketball Championships last week. Smith returned to Lincoln for the MRI which confirmed the fears to be true. Husker team doctors will work to develop a rehabilitation plan together. His time of recovery is yet to be determined.

This is the second time Smith has suffered a torn ACL. He damaged the right one while at SMU in 2011. Smith joined Nebraska prior to last season after transferring from Lee College where he spent his sophomore season. Smith played in all 32 games last season for the Huskers, averaging 5.2 points and 4.8 rebounds a game while helping them earn their first NCAA tournament berth in 15 seasons. He was expected to play a significant role in 2014-15 as well. The loss of Smith will put pressure on an already thin post position as they attempt to make it back-to-back trips to the NCAA Tournament.

Here is the play that Smith was injured on: