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Corn Flakes: Nebraska - Leading The Charge In Atom Smashing

I searched for "smash". This is what I found.
I searched for "smash". This is what I found.
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

In seven years at UNL I managed a four-year degree, but it wasn't without earning a massive amount of credits in things other than my degree. One of those things - a minor in physics. I made it through Physics 213, which was then taught by a Professor Katz, an utter and complete bastard whose regular line during class would include something along the lines of "Why did you ask that question? You're too stupid to understand the answer!".

Physics 213 was all about quantum mechanics, relativity... you know, tiny bits of the world that only a handful of people really understand. We'd like to pretend we do, though, but we're very bad at it, which is why you see just about every science article on the Internet end up with comments about God and Science and nothing to do with the article at all. (Don't do that here, btw, even if it is July.)

At the end of today's flakes is a UNL News item about Nebraska leading the charge in atom smashing. They mention Higgs Boson because it's required in physics articles, much as if you wrote an article about gold-digging talentless women and didn't mention a Kardashian.

Come to think of it, why don't we have atom smashing Husker mascots or a group that goes around smashing atoms for fans as a demonstration of our domination in this incredibly esoteric field? I prefer to think of an atom smasher in terms of what Marvin the Martian carries around or that giant gun thing he points at earth while Bugs Bunny is tormenting him. Maybe they cold work off that.

And if any of y'all remember Katz, you'll remember this line: THE WORLD ISN'T BUILT ON PARTIAL CREDIT.

Hondo Carpenter (Spartan Nation, picks Huskers to go 7-5 in 2014)
Audio  - Hondo does a damned good job of yanking Nebraska fans' chains.

Spartan Nation | B1G Football Preview: Nebraska Cornhuskers B1G West

Trending: Downward. Nebraska is one of the top five college football programs and jobs, and Bo Pelini has systematically turned it into what Rutgers wants to be.

More Hondo.... seriously, this guy has done one helluva job making half the Nebraska fan base hate him and the other half want to do things on their knees for him, apparently.

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The new Penn State football coach hopes to make New Jersey Nittany Lion land.

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Believe it or not, the Huskers are undefeated since '11 when winning the field position battle.

11 Big Ten Stats You Need to Know for 2014 |
Big Ten Stats You Need to Know for 2014

England's World Cup shows why Big Ten fans should root for Ed O'Bannon -

The Big Ten has the advantage of being rich and the disadvantage of lacking lacking adequate supplies of local talent. Fans of conference should look across the pond to see a world in which teams can use the former to trump the latter.

Okay, I know it says "World Cup" in it, but it contains some good points, particularly about the fact that the Big Ten is a pretty rich conference and could simply buy their talent rather than trying to recruit on the same level (or below it, honestly).

Will it come to this? Hmmmm... my guess is probably not completely, and it will still take years for this case to be settled, but I don't see NCAA football staying the same as it's ever been. The only thing that could really derail this money train is an implosion of the television/sports revenue bubble.

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I've got the perfect cure for your post-holiday weekend hangover. It's the Monday mailbag: John from Omaha writes: Regarding Nebraska vs. Expansion....

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The Buckeyes' embattled backup defensive lineman has been cut loose by the football program after a multi-charge arrest which included drug possession and fighting.

The Emperor Has No Clothes - On the Banks
Otherwise, the claim that Rutgers and Maryland water down the Big Ten conference in football is preposterous if you even take one garner at the Big Ten West division.

Could Iowa go the way of Northwestern and form a football player union?

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The SEC-themed Star Wars film you never knew you needed.

UNL leads $11.5M project to enhance atom smasher | UNL Newsroom | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

The world’s largest atom smasher has proved invaluable at answering fundamental questions about the nature of the universe, including finding the Higgs boson, but much remains unknown. A team of UNL physicists and collaborators at eight U.S. universities have received a five-year, nearly $11.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation to increase the effectiveness of a vital component of the supercollider that made the Higgs discovery possible.


And here's a pretty picture!