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Twitter Recap: Tim Howard, Fourth of July and Bo Pelini goes to Cedar Point

Tim Howard making his first of many saves in Tuesday's match against Belgium
Tim Howard making his first of many saves in Tuesday's match against Belgium
Robert Cianflone

The Huskers aren’t the new kids on the block anymore!

Faux Pelini left us another handy flow chart on who to root for in the USA-Belgium match

Here are some tweets from the USA-Belgium match.

With Tim Howard making a World Cup record 16 saves on Tuesday, there were plenty of memes relating to his prestigious accomplishment.

Click here for a bunch of other Tim Howard memes worth checking out.

Here is Howard's 16 saves in one GIF.

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However there was one thing Tim Howard couldn’t stop.

Michael Rose misses football very dearly.

Sam Foltz doesn’t like ESPN’s obsession with Johnny Manziel.

Nebrasketball working hard in the offseason.

Ameer Abdullah reminds us to keep fighting through the hard times.

He also wants us to live the dream.

New Husker Peyton Newell is working hard.

Sometimes it sucks being the little brother.

Niles Paul questions his music selection.

The Husker volleyball adventures continue in China.

I recommend everyone check out all the team’s blog entries for this amazing trip! You can also check out short YouTube clips of player interviews talking about their experience.

Matt Finnin loves the Fourth of July but hates Missouri drivers.


Bo Pelini was riding the roller coasters at Cedar Point on the Fourth of July.

Ameer Abdullah and Kenny Bell love America.

Faux Pelini shares his thoughts Fourth of July thoughts.

Kenny Bell takes Mario Kart to the next level.

And last but not least…

I hope these tweets gave you a few laughs. Which one is your favorite? Here is last week's Twitter Recap. GO BIG RED!!!