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Big Red Cobcast: The July Edition With Mark Emmert*

In this episode the guys interview* Mark Emmert about his new plan for student athletes. * The asterisk means that we are impersonating him.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

July, July July. There are only so many things that happen in July. Freedom was invented by George Washington in July, My friend Matt was born in July and summer starts in July. Thats it. Nothing else happens in July and don't let anybody fool you, Christmas is in December. Christmas is not in July. Not even for foreigners. Then its usually in January or they don't have it at all or something. BUT ITS NEVER IN JULY!

The list of things that are not in July is huge. One example of something not in July is fall. Fall starts in September. Another example is school. School is not in July unless you are not good at school. Then you might have a little school in july but for most people there is no school in July. You know what else is not in July? Football. Not even football talk. There is nothing football related in July.And if there is then somebody is probably going to jail or something. There are never good football stories in July. And don't say the World Cup, thats soccer not football. "Murica.

In this episode, Ryan, Joe and Mike talk about anything they can possibly think of thats Cornhusker related. Mark Emmert shows up and divulges his new plan about paying players but it sounds an awful lot like something the south did a hundred or so years ago. (I'm talking about slavery, Mark Emmert wants to enslave student athletes.) You heard it here first.

*This asterisk is for big dummies. We are impersonating Mark Emmert.

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