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Happy Independence Day!!!!!

Jon Johnston

Happy Independence Day!!!

I hope you're all relatively safe as 'Murica celebrates the day that a bunch of guys signed a document declaring their independence from tyranny, something that didn't really happen until five years later but now over 200 years in the future gives us the right to run a web site like this where we can rail on for or against just about anything we want.

Let us know what you're doing today!

I will be going to the Taste of Minnesota in Waconia, Minnesota, and then probably just lounging around. Minnesota fireworks are pretty boring, especially after you grew up in Nebraska, had guns and could burn or blow up just about anything any time you wanted. Add to that getting caught for illegal fireworks, having to go to court and pay a $135 fine, and I don't bother trying to get my hands on decent fireworks anymore.

Probably not as much drinking as you'd like to think, but that's okay. I'm saving it up for football season.

What you doing?