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Football: Huskers 4th Best B1G Championship Odds, 2nd Best West Division Odds According To Bovada

Nebraska's current odds to win the Big Ten West Division as well as the Big Ten Championship fall in line where the media thinks things will go.

Isaac Brekken

Per the fine folks over at Bovada, we got some odds today on the Nebraska Cornhuskers and their current odds to win both the Big Ten West Division, as well as the overall Big Ten Championship.

A quick look is that Nebraska is a decent value bet on both aspects. Also, there's a big disparity between the top 6 and bottom 7 of the available plays.

Penn State, due to the Sandusky sanctions, is off the board on both the division and overall conference titles betting boards.

If you are interested in seeing the whole conference odds list, head on over to the SBNation piece here.

Overall Big Ten Championship Odds:

Ohio State 10/11
Michigan State 15/4
Wisconsin 9/2
Nebraska 11/2
Michigan 9/1
Iowa 14/1
Northwestern 40/1
Minnesota 66/1
Indiana 100/1
Maryland 100/1
Illinois 200/1
Rutgers 200/1
Purdue 300/1
Penn State Off Board

Big Ten East Division Odds:

Ohio State 2/5
Michigan State 13/5
Michigan 5/1
Indiana 33/1
Maryland 50/1
Rutgers 100/1
Penn State Off board

Big Ten West Division Odds:

Wisconsin 6/5
Nebraska 3/2
Iowa 5/1
Minnesota 12/1
Northwestern 18/1
Illinois 33/1
Purdue 100/1