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Pelini On Tuesday: Alternate Uniforms, Stringfellow, And "Veronica"

The Nebraska Head Coach talked about some more things on Tuesday morning in Chicago at the B1G Media Days.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday marked the second day of the Big Ten Media Days in Chicago. Bo Pelini, who we highlighted yesterday for his presser and remarks here, spoke about a myriad of things this morning.

- Pelini was asked about the annual alternate uniform that the Nebraska Cornhuskers have shown off the past couple of season. When asked, Bo said "don't hold me to it, but it should be the Illinois game". That would be the B1G opener for Nebraska, with a kickoff at 8pm on September 27th on the Big Ten Network.

Pelini stated that an announcement should be coming very soon. One would think it would be later this week, only so then they can show it off for Fan Day, scheduled for this coming Friday at Memorial Stadium.

- Pelini was asked about the Damore'ea Stringfellow incident, where the former Washington WR had papers signed to get financial aid from Nebraska and was all set to transfer to UNL. However, at the 11th hour, he and his mother took a trip to Oxford and all of a sudden he became a Ole Miss Rebel.

The statement by Bo? "Read between the lines. I think we all know what happened in that situation."

Furthermore, when asked about parents making decisions for their kids on college and if it was frustrating, he stated "Yeah, and especially when it's a clueless parent."

Now, let me remind you that, in said Stringfellow incident, his mother was adamant about visiting Oxford because of purchasing a plane ticket and such. If you also recall, Nebraska had Hunter Dale committed to Nebraska, but pressure brought on by his Father led to Dale decommitting and not having Nebraska in the fray anymore.

That itself is a touchy way to talk about things with kids you're trying to recruit.

- Pelini stated that he expects a lot of kids to get in the rotation at Defensive End, on the opposite side of Randy Gregory. Joe Keels, AJ Natter, Mick Stoltenberg, Sedrick King and Peyton Newell were mentioned all in a rotation to get the opposite side nailed down through fall camp.

- Finally, many reporters were asked by Pelini about his "Veronica" statement, in that during his opening presser, he stated that "..when somebody sees me out there on the sideline or in competition and sees me going Veronica on a referee, and you don't want that to happen, but you're going out there, getting upset...". The word is that it's an inside joke, but I wonder if it's something to do with the Archie comic book character.