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Twitter Recap: Tinder, Speedos and Khakis

Bo Pelini modelling his khakis during a commercial break.
Bo Pelini modelling his khakis during a commercial break.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Faux Pelini hates astrology.

Nebraska Soccer went grocery shopping.

And Michael Rose felt left out.

Meanwhile Michael Rose challenged his followers to a game of FIFA.

Kenny Bell with some Monday motivation.

Faux Pelini had this conversation with Sparty's kicker and punter.

I wonder which players have this song on their playlist?

Michael Rose and Quincy Enunwa have an interesting conversation about recruiting websites.

Faux Pelini had a few words for Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald.

And so did Matt Finnin.

Faux Pelini also doesn't seem pleased with Tony Dungy or Stephen A. Smith.

This is how Tommy Armstrong celebrates bowling a strike.

Tim Miles shared some interesting anecdotes from the recruiting trail this week.

A couple Husker football players have Tinder on their mind.

Carl is in trouble again.

Sam Foltz caught plenty of futbol action this week.

Faux Pelini doesn’t like stalkers.

Yet he still does this.

Warning to all college basketball coaches. Tim Miles is stepping up his shoe game.

"Put it on Twitter." Request granted.

Less than five weeks away from football season guys and gals!

The best is yet to come for Michael Rose.

I’m surprised this is first time I've seen someone bring up this issue.

Don’t mess with Johnny Stanton’s grandma.

Faux Pelini tells us why he hates Big Ten Media Days.

And last but not least…

I hope these tweets made your Monday morning better. Which tweet was your favorite? If you missed it, here is last week's Twitter Recap. GO BIG RED!!!