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Big Red Cobcast: Fourthsome Of July

We have our first foursome AND we interview a Rutgers and a Terrapins fan. Feel free to pass out from excitement.

Eric Francis

First things first, I want to apologize  for the title of this article. I gave up on it well before I had given it proper effort. Laziness isn't my usual forte but I drank several beers yesterday and I'm not exactly feeling energetic.

Which brings me to my next topic.

My level of college football withdrawal is so terrifying that George Bush would start bombing it if it was a thing that could be bombed. I miss the rush of screaming at Ameer Abdullah to run like he never has ran before and doing drunken cartwheels by salt dog stadium after Westerkamp hurt every North Westerns fans feelings. (I mean, they had to take it personally since he was a Chicago kid and all). I feel like from February through July my life has little meaning. A life without Husker football is not a life I particularly enjoy. I cry sometimes on Saturdays for no reason at all.

I'm glad I have this podcast because who knows what I would do if I didn't. I might start stealing bicycles or something.

This week Joe, Mike and myself are joined by Pat Janssen of Auburn NE. Pat's a stand up comedian living in NYC and he covered several sports on the radio for many years on the east coast and also in northeast Nebraska.

On this Episode we talk about the recruiting process, trolling Wisconsin  (a job well done by Corn Nations very own Jon Johnston) and we bring in a Rutgers fan from Jersey and a Terrapins fan from Maryland to talk about the culture of their two tradition rich* programs.

*obvious pandering

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