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Is The Tunnel Walk Being Changed? A Hint May Have Gone Out Today...

The Huskers Facebook page gave a little bit of a clue about this year's Tunnel Walk.

Eric Francis

So, on Saturday mornings in July, most folks like to sleep in a little bit because of their Friday's being full of both work during the day and play in the evenings. Sometimes, though, you get up early and scroll on the computer and such.

So, if you have liked the Nebraska Huskers Facebook page, you may have seen something that was intriguing this morning as you were scrolling. And, considering they haven't taken it down, could be a clue into something that's been a big talking point about the fanbase the last couple of years.


First off, there have been rumors floating around the bunch of fans we are that Sirius, the song that has been the staple for the walk by the Alan Parsons Project, was getting 86'ed this fall.

There have been several in favor of keeping the song, and just as many in favor of getting rid of the song. I asked on my twitter as well as the CN twitter this afternoon. As you could expect, the answers had many layers.

Now, to be fair, with the new sound system hitting Memorial Stadium this fall, I would like to hear what Sirius would sound like if 93k could, ya know, hear it together and things like clap and such together as well.

Is Sirius outdated? I don't think it is yet, but it's fair to say that several folks, regardless of what comes off that system at 2:20pm five Saturdays from now will wind you up for the start of the 125th season of Husker Football.

Michael Rose Sr, the father of Husker LB Michael Rose, does bring up a point about the whole thing.

I think that's a fair analogy, in that the song has to both get the fans in the stands going AND a group of 100 or so 18-22 year old kids who are going to knock heads on the field 10 minutes later.

No matter what, though, people will talk about it. And that's a good thing, cause we all care about it enough to discuss it.

Well then....

Hey, I'm down for this. "Can You Feel It" is nothing but a filler for the fans between the coin toss and the end of the TV timeout until kickoff of the game. Replace it... but only if you have something better. I'm sure some think there is nothing better, while some think there's a lot better.

It will definitely be interesting to see what happens in five weeks.