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Corn Flakes: We're Here Because We're Here

Christopher Furlong

There's news!

Not about my laptop, unfortunately (yes, I'm obsessed), but I have managed to string together a few things you might find interesting.

Big Ten Media Days is coming soon!!!!

Ohio State fires marching band director Jonathan Waters over 'sexualized culture' - Land-Grant Holy Land
OSU's popular band director Jon Waters has been fired for 'cultural issues' and an 'environment conducive to sexual harassment'.

So OSU's Band is in trouble. Let's talk about it. - Off Tackle Empire

Troubling findings from a special report at OSU lead to the director's firing. Talk about it and more, here.

The comments are very interesting, as you'd expect when the internet takes over, but you should check them out for the comments from people who've actually been in bands.

ESPN officially announces addition of Mack Brown as college football analyst - Burnt Orange Nation
After weeks of reports that the former Texas head coach would join the Worldwide Leader, the hire was made official on Thursday.

Why is Bob Stoops so mad at the Aggies? - Good Bull Hunting

Stoops commented on A&M's non-conference schedule today and knew all of the teams the Aggies play and the order they play them in... hmm.

A&M's non-conference schedule is a joke, but rather than address that, using deflection is the oldest trick in the book.

RichRod: Oregon switches out athletic facilities 'like porta-potties' | FOX Sports
Through his epic YouTube recruiting videos, we've gotten to know Rich Rodriguez as someone willing to use a colorful approach to make a point. The Arizona coach lived up to this rep at Pac-12 Media Days.

Reports: Texas Longhorns WRs Kendall Sanders, Montreal Meander charged with sexual assault - Burnt Orange Nation
A freshman wide receiver and a junior wide receiver with charged with the second-degree felonies on Thursday after a lengthy investigation.

Kliff Kingsbury Reads Flattering Tweets - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN Video: Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury reads a series of Tweets praising his looks.

The NFL doesn't care about you, ladies -
The NFL will take your money but will not penalize its players for punching you in the face.

Ray Rice and the real problem with the NFL's personal conduct policy -

The league is convinced it dropped the hammer on Ray Rice, but the public thinks otherwise. So where does the problem lie?

As one who doesn't follow the NFL that much anymore, I thought the NFL's punishment was a little light. This is a topic worthy of discussion here, correct?

SB Nation Reviews: Rodeos -

Bulls, blood, dust, mud. They call the thing "rodeo.

Haven't been to a rodeo in years. Maybe it's time.

"When crashing trains was a spectator sport -

Texas sports were pretty terrible in the 19th century. And then one man decided to slam two locomotives into each other.

In the Longhorns' Media Guide, it's spelled TEXSA

At the bottom of each page, the Texas media Guide lists their web site. Which would be helpful if they had spelled it right.  Even worse is that it was on EVERY SINGLE PAGE.

A global guide to the first world war - interactive documentary | World news |

Ten historians from 10 countries give a brief history of the first world war through a global lens. Using original news reports, interactive maps and rarely seen footage, including extraordinary shots…

The 100th Anniversary of the start of World War I is upon us, and The Guardian has put together an interactive perspective that is incredible. WWI wasn't America's war, but I've always found it fascinating in a horrifying kind of way. I have never ceased to be amazed at how easy it was for countries to throw away an entire generation of men, largely because they didn't care about them;  their lives were valueless.

Chemical weapons. Trench warfare. Sheer butchery.

The strategies were so flawed, but the leadership so inept and the classes so entrenched.

Take a look at it. It is..... well, just go take a look.