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Recruiting: Time To Sweat Kendall Bussey Decomitting? No..... Not Yet

The NOLA Running Back, who has said he's solid to Nebraska, is going to go on all his visits and possibly a camp or 2. Should that make the Husker staff sweat a little bit?

Kendall Bussey
Kendall Bussey
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We've been told time and time again that Nebraska Cornhuskers Running Back verbal Kendall Bussey out of Newman HS in New Orleans is solid as you could imagine. Matter of factly, he visited last weekend. We know this cause he's the one who brought Hunter Dale into town and all that.

Now, that all being said, some folks (myself included) are starting to wonder about the solidity of Bussey's commitment. While I'm not here to tell you that he's going to flip anytime in the near future, it wouldn't be fair to say that it's a quiet thing.

Bussey was quoted in this article as saying he's going to take all five of his visits. Nebraska, of course, will be one of those visits. But Texas Tech and Arizona State are also going to get looks, while the final 2 schools are as of now undetermined.

Furthermore, in the piece, Bussey talks of possibly heading to LSU's Elite Camp this weekend in Baton Rouge on Friday.

All this discussion can't sit well with several folks in the Husker camp, because Bussey has kept talking about how solid his commitment is to the Huskers and assisting in recruiting players like Dale.

Now, kids do love the process of recruiting, as we've seen with Dale. It could be a situation here that Bussey just wants to take his trips, have fun on the weekends, and he'll be a Cornhusker come February and the fax machine buzzes. But lets say that a school catches his eye. Say, Arkansas or indeed Texas Tech. How hard will Nebraska's staff have to work to keep Kendall in the fray?

The one offer that would worry a lot of folks in the know is LSU. Even though they have Leonard Fournette, who was hailed by both media and coaches during SEC Media Days last week, it's a possibility. Les Miles has shown that he can get athletes from his home state to stay in the confines of the Bayou and do well with them.

This could be nothing but a 18 year old enjoying the process. That's what we all love and hate about recruiting, right? However, Bussey is Nebraska's centerpiece right now as far as offensive skill position players go for this cycle, and losing him would mean a backup plan that, right now, looks like slim pickings at RB unless someone comes out of the woodwork.

Keep an eye on what happens with Bussey. Nebraska's recruiting class got off to a great start, but if Bussey goes somewhere else, things may unravel soon. Then again, if Kendall stays solid Scarlet & Cream, it could mark a great rebound to a wonderful finish.