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Twitter Recap: Tim Miles rocks Prada sneakers, Jordan Burroughs is a Dad and the Huskers do a Fun Run

Tim Miles coaching the team on how to drain half court shots
Tim Miles coaching the team on how to drain half court shots
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive Coordinator Tim Beck invited all the Husker quarterbacks over for a nice dinner.

Faux Pelini live tweeted the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game.

More speakers is always a good thing.

Great moment for Tai Webster and his family.

Tim Miles knows how to recruit in style.

I wonder if this motion will be given a serious look.

Michael Rose still has World Cup fever.

Can you feel it?

Sam Cotton calls out the freshman on their rap game.

Jordan Burroughs is now a father.

Faux Pelini gave out some sage advice to his loyal followers.

Many Husker athletes took place in a 5k fun run on Sunday to raise money for charity.


Who’s a good boy?

And last but not least.

I hope these tweets gave you a few laughs. Which one is your favorite? Here is last week's Twitter Recap. GO BIG RED!!!

NOTE: I corrected the main headline on here last night but I forgot to change the headline which gets posted to twitter (whoops) though maybe Tim Miles will be attending the Pearl Jam concert in Lincoln on October 9th. Peach Jam is a summer youth basketball league hosted in the Peach State every year. Though to be fair, I am more of a Strawberry Jam kind of guy.