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Did Hunter Dale Decommit From Nebraska Last Night? It Sure Looks Like It.

The NOLA Safety who surprised everyone with a commitment on Thursday retracted it on twitter Saturday night.

remember this picture? Never happened.
remember this picture? Never happened.

So, I'll be the first one to be surprised that Kendall Bussey got Hunter Dale to Lincoln, much less commit to Nebraska late Thursday evening.

But then, something odd happened... Dale himself told everyone that he wasn't committed.

Well, color me surprised. Actually, don't really.

Update: Hunter has now deleted the above tweets as well,

How serious is Hunter being? Well, every tweet that he had from acknowledging Husker fans (which you shouldn't tweet recruits damnit) is missing, as well as Dale deleting the pictures of him with Football HC Bo Pelini, Baseball HC Darin Erstad & Assistant Ted Silva, as well as his selfies with the team and in the midst of Charlton Warren.

To me, at least., this screams of a kid who has been loving the recruiting process and realized that his HS (John Curtis in NOLA) wouldn't let him do any more visits after his commitment.

Furthermore, if you look at all of Hunter's social media, you can't find a Husker logo currently. If that isn't a sure sign that he's moved on from Nebraska, I don't know what else you could really be looking for.

I know a lot of you are going to mention the BS drama that comes along with this type of work. However, this is completely out of context for a recruit that isn't a 5 star with family & handlers fighting for him to do. And furthermore, this should make Nebraska completely forget about him from now on.

Marquise Doherty is a better option at Safety, and really wants to become a Husker. My opinion is that Nebraska should tell Dale to kick rocks and let Doherty give his commitment.

As for Dale? Let him find out that he probably doesn't have a committable offer to any of the schools he has listed above. And let him find someone else that will give him a second chance after the staff.

By the way.. this does not fall on the staff at all. You could slight them for giving Dale a second chance, but in the end, they got him to Lincoln and got the commitment. This is all Hunter this time.