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How Would You Pump Memorial Stadium Up For The Fourth Quarter?

The CN staff gives their insight on how to get people ready for the final 15 minutes every game in Lincoln.

How can you keep the volume from a moment like this through the fourth quarter?
How can you keep the volume from a moment like this through the fourth quarter?
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports
Question for the Staff: Alright, we’ve all seen and had discussions about this. What do you think should be the music for the end of the 3rd quarter and the timeout to the beginning of the 4th quarter in Memorial Stadium, and why?
Ty: I don’t know why, probably because it’s one of my favorites when it comes on while I’m running, but I love Rammstein’s Du Hast for this.  It’s got a bass line that bumps the whole time, it’s kind of primal.  I know that songs that pump me up don’t always work for everyone, but I like this one.  I don’t want the English translation, either.  Give me some good old fashioned German metal.

Andy: I say instead of just playing music, we go the UNO hockey pre-3rd period route and produce our own video clip with music in the background. "Unleash the fu-ry!!!!" never fails to get the place going and it has achieved "Let’s hurry and get back to our seats for the video!" status. Here it is just in case you haven’t seen it:

My suggestion? Some Explosions In The Sky plays in the background (Your Hand In Mine, First Breath After Coma) while interspersing clips of locker room movie coach speeches that crescendo with the music including Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday, Kurt Russell in Miracle, Billy Bob Thornton in Friday Night Lights, Hackman in Hoosiers, George C. Scott at the beginning of Patton, Burt Reynolds before the final play in Longest Yard and, of course, the wildly underrated Robert Loggia in Necessary Roughness. ("You rip their heads off and shit down their neck! Let us pray!")

I know many people just want to hear their favorite pump up song cranked, but trust me, this would absolutely kill.

Husker Mike: if nothing else, the drum line solo should be dropped. Period. Immediately. It's a complete buzzkill. At least "Hey Baby" got a few people going.

Andy's suggestion could be a starting point. Whatever is considered, get input from the students first, because if it doesn't get the students pumped up, it doesn't stand a chance.

Derek: As a guy that has collaborated with official NBA team DJs and has spun (not that EDM stuff) at more than a few events over the years, I’m fairly interested in this topic.

Before I get into my suggestions, we all have to realize that not everyone is going to agree with whatever is chosen. Trying to please 80,000+ fans with varying tastes is next to impossible. That said, the music and presentation has to accomplish a few things for it to be successful:

1) Get the crowd amped up - whether we’re down or going into the 4th quarter with a lead, the music needs to get the crowd riled up and off their seats.

2) Be easy for the crowd to follow - ‘Jump Around’ works for Wisconsin because all the crowd has to do is literally jump around for a few minutes. I liked that we tried ‘Let me clear my throat’ a few seasons back, but the crowd had no idea what to do with themselves once the music hit. Which leads me to my next point…

3) Be organized - whatever we decide on doing, let the fans know well in advance and stick with it unless it’s an absolute disaster.

As far as music, I’m thinking we should use some of that B1G money we’re in line for to produce something totally original. Something with heavy bass and an action movie like intro. Maybe have Jim Johnston of WWE fame or some hotshot producer create the track.

What would be pretty cool is to have either two hypemen or two former Nebraska greats stand on opposite sides of the stadium and lead a HUSKER POWER chant that is synced up to the music. Put some red spotlights on them during night games and use smoke or something during day games to let the crowd know where they are at. If that doesn’t work, put the biggest drum you’ve ever seen in the middle of the field and have two Nebraska greats take turns banging the BIG RED DRUM in sync with the HUSKER POWER chants.

If I had to choose an already produced track, I’d simply hire a full-time arena DJ like most NBA teams do and have him get the crowd hyped and then drop one of these:

You get the idea.

*Could play instrumentals, partial instrumentals or a mash-up of popular songs

Brian: I’m more of a guy that thinks music and voice should be together. Someone like a Dennis Hayworth, or such. I found this that a Cowboys fan made. The spoken parts are done inside the stadium, but the highlights and music are put in by the fan. I love the theory behind it. Pumps you up, gets a big voice (or 3, are you hearing us Jason Peter and Tommie Frazier?) and gets everyone up and going. Well…. those at least that care to stand up and not because they want to beat the traffic home.

By the way, a video like this could be a replacement for "Can you feel it?" as well.


Do you have an idea? Put it in the comments below and tell us why you think your song/video should work.