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Corn Flakes: Today on BTN - Nebraska Day

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Today BTN will be airing their second day of NEBRASKA!!!!!

Not the movie with Bruce Dern (which I still haven't seen because that's how far behind I am), but our beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers.

2013 - A disappointing year for Taylor Martinez, but have we all forgotten 2012, and all the comeback games that season had? Remember how you nearly did every week, and then you didn't? Yeah.

You should be setting up your DVR for today.

All Times Are Central.

BTN - Nebraska!
8:00 AM Big Ten Men's Basketball: Ohio State at Nebraska
10:00 AM The Journey: Big Ten Basketball
10:30 AM B1G Football Game of the Week: Nebraska at Michigan
12:30 PM The Journey: Big Ten Football
1:00 PM Big Ten Men's Basketball: Indiana at Nebraska
3:00 PM Big Ten Elite: 1994 Nebraska Football
4:00 PM Big Ten Men's Basketball: 2014 Nebraska at Michigan State
6:00 PM B1G Football Game of the Week: 2013 Nebraska at Michigan
8:00 PM B1G Football Replay: 2014 Gator Bowl - Nebraska vs. Georgia
10:00 PM B1G Football Game of the Week: Wisconsin at Nebraska (2012)
12:00 AM Big Ten Elite: 1994 Nebraska Football
1:00 AM B1G Football Replay: Nebraska at Michigan State (2012)
3:00 AM Big Ten Women's Basketball: Minnesota at Nebraska

B1G media day preview: Nebraska Cornhuskers - ESPN
Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Big Ten media days are less than two weeks away, To get you ready, we’re running through three questions facing each Big Ten team.

5 Most Important Plays of 2013 | Hail Varsity
Taking a quick look back at the plays that defined Nebraska's 2013 season.

Doak Walker Award 2014 watch list: Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon honored - Bucky's 5th Quarter

As expected, Melvin Gordon made the watch list for the Doak Walker Award for the nation's top running back.

It's an online poll that features Ameer Abdullah! INVADE THE WISCONSIN SITE AND TAKE IT OVER!


Inside NU, a Northwestern Wildcats community
Your best source for quality Northwestern Wildcats news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.

Look at this. My own network has introduced a new Northwestern Wildcats site, and they're calling themselves "INSIDENU", which is complete fraud. Maybe if they called themselves "INSIDELOSERVILLE" or "INSIDEWEREGONNABEYOURBOSSSOMEDAY" it might make more sense.

But "Inside NU"?

They don't have the right. I'd like suggestions as to what we should do about this.