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Corn Nation Hangout: Derek, David & Brian Talk Bicycles, Nebrasketball And Other Things

We did a hangout. About Nebraska Sports. It was alright. Watch and comment.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Corn Nation gangs comes together for hopefully the first of many Google Hangout conversations. Listen in as Brian Towle, David McGee and Derek Hernandez discuss Nebraska football players' affinity for stealing bikes, the impact of Leslee Smith's injury on Nebrasketball, football game start times, Memorial Stadium food, and more!

We plan on doing this a whole lot more, as soon as we can figure out what the heck we're doing.

This is, obviously, something new that we'll be trying this season. The folks will change, but the subject will (mostly) be Nebraska Sports. If you think you have something we should discuss, don't be shy to talk to any of us on twitter, or hit up the Facebook page and post something on our wall.

Meanwhile, if you have a opinion about something we talked about today, hit us up in the comments below and tell us what you think down there.