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FB: Jariah Tolbert Pleads Guilty to Marijuana Charge, Not Guilty To Obstucting Officer

This whole case gets more and more odd. Details inside.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

So, you may remember when we told you about Nebraska Cornhuskers Freshman Wide Receiver Jariah Tolbert and his arrest for having marijuana and fleeing the scene, getting him a obstructing a peace officer charge right?

He went to court about all those...

Now, first and foremost, this isn't considered a felony nor a misdemeanor. Pilger reports that this is considered a "infraction". So, yea, don't do it again.

But then it gets odd....

Interesting thing here, in that he had to be "chased down" by a UNL Policeman in this.


So, interestingly enough, not only is Tolbert going to fight the running charge, but he plans on representing himself in the court proceedings.

I asked the Journal-Star's Lori Pilger about the next phase for Tolbert...

That docket call is scheduled for July 28th at 9am in Lancaster County court.

About that whole representing yourself thing though, I asked Pilger about that also...

A quick Google search does indeed confirm that UNL's Student Legal Services will give representation and advice to registered students, which Tolbert currently is. They could also represent him in a misdemeanor trial, which this would be.

It's interesting that, even though I'm not a lawyer and don't currently study law, I would think a 18 year old would want to represent himself in a situation like this and hope for an acquittal. Possibly one of our commenters could enlighten us in this.

Tolbert's situation with the team is unknown, and Bo Pelini isn't not scheduled to talk to the media before Big Ten Media Days in 2 weeks in Chicago.