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Corn Flakes: Sir Paul McCartney Loves The Huskers

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Kevin Winter

I'm not going to bag on Paul McCartney, the guy changed rock and roll forever (although I'm sure someone will disagree in the comments section), but how easy it is for any performer at any level to come into PBA and start a "Go Big Red" or "Husker Power" chant?

This isn't even that hard, right?

I have to wonder if we're that low self-esteem girl at the bar you look for at the end of the night when all other avenues have been exhausted while saying to yourself, "Ah, she's not THAT bad".

It's been too long since a conference championship. WAY TOO LONG YOU SUNSABITCHES.

They loved him, yeah, yeah, yeah: 11,000 go wild for Paul McCartney during epic concert - GO - Arts & Entertainment
In front of a sold-out audience of young and old, kids and 20-somethings, original Beatles fans and newcomers, McCartney reached deep down into his catalog to play 39 songs during a three-hour concert at Pinnacle Bank Arena that spanned decades of music.

Timeline Photos - 92.9 The Eagle (KTGL)

An "approved" photo.

Paul McCartney Concert Setlist at Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln on July 14, 2014 |

The Paul McCartney Setlist of the concert at Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln, NE, USA on July 14, 2014

Nearly all Beatles songs.

Starting Five: Sleeper All-American players in 2014-15
1. Terran Petteway, Nebraska: Simply put, this junior can score. But his stat line (18.1 ppg, 4.8 rpg) hardly shows his impact for the on-the-rise Cornhuskers, who made the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1998 last season with Petteway as their catalyst.

Purple Positive #21: The Nebraska night game : Lake The Posts | Northwestern Football Blog
As Northwestern fans we’re a bit self-conscious of other fan’s opinions. Forever the perennial underrated underdog, we long for respect among college football’s elite, even though we’ve only established ourselves as a very respectable program during the Pat Fitzgerald era. If you want to look for brand advocates of Northwestern outside of the NU family talk to a Cornhusker fan.

Is Penn State Adding Numbers to the Helmets? - Black Shoe Diaries
Another Potential Penn State Uniform Change

Teary James Franklin told Vanderbilt 'I'm not leaving' and then promptly left

"He repeatedly told us, 'I'm not leaving, no matter what. You guys don't have to worry,' " Butler said. "He even took it as far as breaking down in tears like he always does. "He was saying 'I'm not leaving,' and then right after the ball game (BBVA Compass Bowl), I mean no warning, no nothing, he just disappeared."

He didn't even bother to ask whether they could still be friends. What a bastard.

Alabama Fan Fired From Texas A&M Kyle Field Construction Crew For Hanging Bama Flag | FOX Sports on MSN
An Alabama fan construction worker has been fired for hanging a Tide fan off his crane at Texas A&M's Kyle Field addition.

Here is what the new College Football Playoff trophy looks like -

The first year of the Playoff includes some new hardware.

So whatdya all think of the new College Football Playoff Trophy?

Stop the Presses Again, Another Big Fish! | NEBRASKAland Magazine

It talks, but only a few can understand what it says. Perhaps they will discern from it what Nebraska's record will be this season.

SEC Media Days 2014: Will Muschamp Knows He's on the Hot Seat - Team Speed Kills
But will the coach's acknowledgment of his tenuous employment status help him survive?

SEC Media Days, Day Two: The Ole Ball Coach Takes A Swing At This Thing. - Dawg Sports
Day Two of SEC Media Days kicks off this morning at 10:00 a.m. with South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier stepping to the podium to coach 'em up on the finer points of being a pot stirring...

SEC Media Days: Mike Slive Flexes His Muscle - Roll 'Bama Roll

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive opened the festivities with the usual talk about how wonderful the SEC was, is, and will be. Blah, blah, blah, SEC Network... He quoted Dwight Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali along the way. This took up the first 14 minutes of his speech. The only part worth listening to is the last 7+ minutes.

If the SEC is talking about change, maybe something magnificent will really happen.