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Football: Incoming Freshman Numbers, Plus Randy Gregory Makes A Change

Numbers to names? We can do that for you.

You won't see this from now on. Well, at least half the jersey.
You won't see this from now on. Well, at least half the jersey.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Your Nebraska Cornhuskers have given out numbers for their incoming Football players.

Here are your Freshman numbers. Some do not have one yet.

88   Akinmoladun, Freedom TE

43   Appleget, Noah WR

61   Arneson, Noah DL

53   Boryca, Alex LB

34   Brown, Drew PK

6   Bush, AJ QB

26   Connely, Thomas LB

62   Conrad, Cole OL

2   Darlington, Zack QB

63   Farmer, Tanner OL

92   Faulkenberry, Josh LS

67   Foster, Jerald OL

51   Freudenburg, Ryan OL

69   Gates, Nick OL

12   Gifford, Luke DB

29   Graham, Nolan DB

25   Holtmeier, Blake WR

18   Irons, Glenn WR

39   Jakub, Cameron DB

47   Jarzynka, Matt DE

11   Jones, Chris DB

10   Kalu, Joshua DB

17   King, Sedrick DE

30   Kitrell, Bo FB

42   Koley, Creighton DB

90   Meduna, Nate TE

16   Mosley, Trai DB

99   Newell, Peyton DL

59   Ortmeier, Trent OL

76   Owen, Dylan DL

26   Pelzer, Brady WR

15   Pierson-El, Demornay        WR

54   Poppen, Garrett LB

45   Reimers, Bryan TE

23   Rose, Austin IB

44   Stoltenberg, Mick DL

19   Tolbert, Jariah WR

Van Almen, Jack LB

40   Walton, Jaevon LB

21   Wilbon, Mikale IB

27   Williams, Kieron DB

Wills, DeAndre DE

Randy Gregory, the all-world DE, will change from the number 44 to 4 this season. Mick Stoltenberg, the DE commit, will be taking 44. So you can buy a #4 jersey and when someone asks you if that's Gregory or Tommy Armstrong Jr., the answer can be "yes!".