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Corn Flakes: 47 Days...

David McGee

There are now 47 days until the start of college football season.

Keep in mind, in the meantime that all sorts of stuff will be going on. Big Ten Media Days isn't that far away, and then comes the start of fall practice, so things aren't as bad as they seem.

At some point, I might actually start writing about football again. Imagine that!

Minnesotans For Nebraska will be holding their annual golf tourney on July 28th!

The tourney will be held Monday, July 28 at the Valleywood Golf Course, Apple Valley.  In addition to playing golf with other Husker fans, former Husker greats Jay Foreman, Russel Gary, and Jason Schwab will be in attendance. You can find more info at their Facebook page, and if you do not want to golf, you can come for dinner.

The golf outing is $70, and the dinner only is $18 per person. The deadline is July 17th. More info is available via this linked PDF file - MN4NE Golf 2014.

I think I'm going to try to get to this. I don't get out much. Maybe that should change.

Finally, a Hometown Honor for Husker Legend - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
More than a century after one of Nebraska's most legendary football players graduated from high school, a monument will be formally dedicated on Saturday, Aug. 16, in Blue Springs, Neb., the hometown of Guy Chamberlin, who became a Nebraska football All-American in 1915.

As some schools update fight songs, Husker fans stand behind anthem - OMAHA METRO
Though some colleges have started amending their fight songs to reflect changing times, the old-timey lines from "Dear Old Nebraska U" (There Is No Place Like Nebraska) are mostly met with a shoulder shrug.

Preview magazines put less faith in Huskers - Big Red Today - Huskers
Our annual breakdown of the preseason college football magazines. How do they compare, and how does Nebraska fare in each publication? Aside from one, they aren’t as high on the Huskers as in years past.

Nick Marshall Cited - College and Magnolia
Auburn starting QB Nick Marshall cited for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana

LSU announces expanded stadium capacity as 102,321 -
More than two years after initially proposing its expansion for Tiger Stadium's south end zone, LSU is putting the finishing touches on that project and has offically announced its post-expansion stadium capacity -- one that places it squarely among the largest venues in the country.

SEC Media Days EXCITEMENT Rankings: The most fired-up men Hoover has ever seen -
July 14 through 17 in Hoover, Alabama, SEC head coaches and selected athletes will gather to answer question from billions of media members. One word we definitely know they'll use is "excited."

World Cup

Russia prepared to outspend Brazil, host most expensive World Cup ever -
Not only will Russia be building or retrofitting their 12 stadiums, but they'll also be spending billions on infrastructure.

Germany coach to Mario Götze: "Show the world you're better than Lionel Messi" -
That's one way to get a player to score.

Germany win the World Cup by going back to their roots -
When an attractive Germany side failed in 2010, it looked like they might not have to wait long until they won a World Cup. Germany won tonight, but it wasn't that side - this was vintage Deutschland, living up to every stereotype.

Lionel Messi was the saddest man to receive a trophy at the World Cup -
What happens when you're called on stage to receive a trophy moments after losing the World Cup? Lionel Messi showed us.

Debunking the 'FIFA Corruption' Twitter account -
There's a Twitter account gaining lots of attention for allegedly proving FIFA is corrupt. One problem: It's all fake.

Last but not least....

Tommy Ramone, last original member of influential punk band, dies at 65 | Boston Herald

Drummer and producer Tommy Ramone, the last surviving original member of the influential New York punk quartet the Ramones, died Friday at his home

Now they're all gone. The Ramones, the Sex Pistols. For some reason I push them into the 80s, but they were earlier, 1978 is when the Ramones really hit and things started happening.

I could tell you all a story about my life and punk rock. Maybe I will tomorrow.