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Football: Tolbert Charged With Possesion & Obstruction, Joseph Bike Case Dismissed

The 2 Husker Freshman get different results for their respective court cases.

Eric Francis

In a little snippet last night on the Omaha World-Herald, we found out the situation of two Nebraska Cornhuskers Freshmen.

Freshman Wideout Jariah Tolbert will be charged with one count of possession of marijuana and one count of obstructing a peace officer. Tolbert is scheduled to appear in Lancaster County Court at 1:30 on Monday for his court appearance.

Back on June 12th, Tolbert was involved in a footchase with a UNL Policeman after being found smoking marijuana between two tennis courts at 17th and Vine St.

In other news, Redshirt Freshman Boaz Joseph will go into the Lancaster County Pretrial Diversion program on his charge of theft by unlawful taking. By performing his duties in the program successfully, Joseph will have his charges dismissed.

Back on June 7th, Joseph got on and rode off on a bicycle that was being used as bait by UNL Police. This was right after Linebacker Josh Banderas had gotten in legal hot water for taking bicycles from a UNL bike rack back in May.