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Recruiting: Remember The #9Wins Poster? We Have A Rival To It...

NOLA Safety prospect Hunter Dale opened his mail and shared it with the internet. This is what happened.

Derek Hernandez

So, hey, remember when I found the poster that Nebraska has been sending to recruits this summer?

If you don't, that's cool, we'll bring it back up for your memory.

#9Wins folks.

So you think NOTHING could top that one. Nope, simply can't get any worse.

Well.... be careful what you wish for.

This is a tweet from Husker Safety recruit Hunter Dale. The same Dale that I am not sure if he shows up? That one.

Well... um.... I mean. Where do we start?

This is Hunter's HS uniform and helmet from John Curtis HS in NOLA. So if you're asking if that's the alternate uniform and helmet, stop that right now.

That being said, with not only nothing done by whomever the staff trusted to do this, the lack of numbers plus 2 different N's being used... /LEHEADSLAM.

Others agree.

I need a nap and food. And a explanation.