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Ty Peteranetz talks to Mike Welch of 93.7 The Ticket In Lincoln About The Tim Beck Interview

The man who has given you 2 of the 3 parts of his conversation with Tim Beck talked with Mike Welch about the interview in general.

George Hubbard

Right after the US lost to Belgium in the World Cup, Mike Welch of KTNK, 93.7 The Ticket in Lincoln had our own Ty Peteranetz on the airwaves to discuss the interview Ty got with Nebraska Cornhuskers Offensive Coordinator Tim Beck.

Ty's interview, which was heard in the 5:00pm hour on the "Drop the Mike" show, talks about how time is allocated for players, as well as a few other things like playcalling and such. Also, a quick bit of what Part 3 will entail.

Thanks to Mike Welch and Mark Onwiler at The Ticket in Lincoln. You can visit Mike's page on The Ticket here, and you'll get all the podcasts of his and other shows throughout the day/week.

Part one of Ty's interview with Tim Beck is here. Part two of Ty's interview with Tim Beck is here.

Part three will come down the pipe on Thursday morning.