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Recruiting: Big Red Weekend #1 Primer

Nebraska is having their first of two Junior Days during the next 2 weekends. Here's what you need to know about this weekend's version.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football Recruiting is doing pretty well right now. It' has the opportunity for moving up a notch after the next two weekends.

Nebraska is hosting the first of their two "Junior Days", aka Big Red Weekends. This is the time that JR prospects can come to campus, talk and work out in front of the coaching staff, and leave with an offer and possibly a commitment.

While the listing for next weekend is the heavy hitting one, this weekend's lineup shouldn't be ignored, if anything because there could be some work made for the 2016 recruiting cycle.

Non Committed Visitors:

Christian Rector: This is literally the only '15 cycle kid coming into town this weekend that isn't committed to a school yet. The Weak Side DE out of Los Angeles seems like a stretch to verbal, however there's no problem in him coming to Lincoln to run through the gauntlet.

Brittain Brown: This '16 Safety from Canton, Georgia has Charlton Warren as his lead, and has a pretty good offer listing off the bat.

Devin White: This Louisiana Running Back/Linebacker has some big time offers. LSU is (of course) the leader here, but if there is a time to get into a kid's recruiting, this is the time.

Committed Visitors:

Avery Anderson

Daishon Neal


Now, to be completely honest, there is very little chance you'll get a #BOOM this weekend, only because of one true '15 commit possibility in Christian Rector. However, this sets the table for next weekend, when BRW will host (as of now) 7 '15 commit chances, including a couple of big targets for Nebraska.

The Huskers have only about 5 to maybe 6 available spots for this class, so every spot matters as Nebraska can't take any projects for the most part.

When news breaks about anything this weekend, we'll be sure to have it come straight to you!

(Thanks to the folks at Hudl for allowing us to embed these videos for you all. They do great work and visit them here.)