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Football: Kenny Bell's Fro? "Alive And Well"

He got us. All of us.

#TrollGaze2k13 Jamal.
#TrollGaze2k13 Jamal.
Eric Francis

HEY THERE. Remember when last week and Kenny Bell told the world that his fro was gone cause he "lost a bet" and such?

Suckers. We're all suckers.

Well, damnit. We didn't see this coming. Then again, we haven't seen what his hair actually looks like right now.

I suppose we could have seen this coming. I mean, when the original tweet came out, Quincy Enunwa did put something out there that we all did kind of miss.

So yes, here you go. This never leaves us, at least till after the season next year.


Well done, 80. Well done.

UPDATE: Visual proof:

ANOTHER UPDATE: Corn Nation Facebook viewer Dalynn Parks got this pic of Kenny today:


via Dalynn Parks/