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Corn Flakes: All The Reasons You Hate Lil Red

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Jon "Lil Red Lover" Johnston


Here I went and did this rant on the new podcast about all the reasons some of you sunsabitches hate Lil Red, and I have only gotten feedback from one person so far, and that guy is in Thailand.


Some guy in Thailand tells me about it but not you guys?

WTF again!

It's linked right at the bottom of this page, and the rant is fairly close to the beginning of the podcast, so go ahead and give it a listen, and then come back and tell me I'm wrong about you, Lil Red HATERZ. (You know I'm serious, look at that Z there. I hate Z's on the end of words, okay, you sunsabitchez.)

Florida beats Alabama 6-3 to win national title

Yeah, well, screw you Florida.

Tray Matthews Dismissed: Resignation, Gregg Allman Lyrics, And You. - Dawg Sports

GEORGIA And their players.... wohoooo!

Saban's New Deal Worth Nearly $7 Million a Year -
Alabama coach Nick Saban is a mere bonus or two from knocking down another salary barrier and becoming the $7 million man.

Alabama Committee Approves New Contract for Nick Saban. It's Rather Large - Team Speed Kills

Nick Saban is already a fabulously wealthy man who makes millions of dollars for coaching football. Nothing wrong with that -- capitalism and all, and your school would pay him just as much as Alabama does if it had the chance and the ability.

Hmmmm... is there any argument against such bold, hard truthfulness?

Projecting the Big Ten East | Hail Varsity
For the magazine, we polled all of the Hail Varsity staff members to come up with a consensus, so what you’ll find in the magazine is different than my picks below.Let’s get started with the East today, with the West coming tomorrow.

Projecting the Big Ten West | Hail Varsity - Brandon Vogel
Presenting my picks, as they stand now, for the Big Ten West division.

Randy York's N-Sider Blog — Husker Fan Keeps Precious Memorabilia Hidden
Husker Fan Keeps Precious Memorabilia Hidden What Memorabilia Best Signifies 125 Seasons?

Husker Men Ranked 10th Heading into NCAA Championships - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The Nebraska men’s track and field team is ranked 10th in the latest set of United States Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association (USTFCCCA) National Computer Rankings, heading into the NCAA Outdoor Championships in Eugene, Ore., next week. The men lead the Big Ten at No. 10, while Wisconsin 16th, Penn State is 19th and Minnesota is 23rd. Penn State leads the women at No. 11. The men’s team has 12 total bids for the Championships, ranking as the fourth-most of teams competing in Eugene. The women have nine entries to the Championships, ranking sixth among all teams competing.

And Last But Not Least

Art T-shirts – Digital Oil

custom designer T-shirts Noah Johnston art

My oldest son designs these shirts. Please buy some so he can afford to fix his own damned car, and then I can afford to upgrade my Nikon lenses. Thanks.