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Jon Johnston

It's June!!!!!

It's time to get out and enjoy the summer with the knowledge that college football season isn't that far away and as long as you hold that near and dear, there's still hope!

Okay, really. That sounds as if I can't live without college football.

Fact is, I could. We all could, in fact, but we could probably also live without electricity, running water, smart phones and the internet's offerings of dating services and cat pictures.


A couple things real quick - The SEC has not done well this year in the NCAA baseball tournament, more details in the story below. This makes me feel pretty good, actually. The SEC can kiss my ass, especially in baseball.

Unfortunately, Indiana lost their regional - losing two games to Stanford, the second on a two-run homer by the Cardinal in the bottom of the ninth. That's too bad. While they beat Nebraska for a Big Ten title, I really liked this Indiana team and wanted them to get back to the CWS, if only to have someone to really root for.

Eric DeSalvo's post on Vine
Indiana's baseball season ended on a Stanford walk-off homer and this is the best representation of Indiana sadness I've seen.

Six-Run Rally Buries Hoosiers - The Crimson Quarry
The Hoosiers were in a jam in the 8th inning, clinging to a two-run lead and finding themselves needing only four more outs to be crowned champions of the Bloomington Regional and move on to the Super Regional round. Over the course of those final four outs, the Hoosiers were outscored by Stanford 6-1, and fell to the Cardinal by a final score of 10-7.

To Think They Were This Close To (Super) Regionals - The Crimson Quarry

2014 NCAA Baseball Tournament: Kennesaw St. Owls 4, Alabama Crimson Tide 2: Five SEC Teams Now Out - Team Speed Kills
A rough weekend for the SEC in the first round of the NCAA baseball tournament continued Monday, with Alabama becoming the fifth team eliminated from the 64-team field. Half of the SEC's record-setting 10 schools in the national playoff are gone, including highly-regarded teams like Florida and South Carolina, while only Vanderbilt has secured a spot in the super regional round next week.

Auburn considers adding football national titles -

What constitutes a national title and what doesn't? In the world of college football, where the "Who's No. 1?" debate has raged for years without a playoff, Auburn may soon become the latest school to redefine history. Auburn is considering retroactively claiming more national titles to fall in line with how other schools count championships. It's a practice met with pride or derision by fans around the country, depending on your allegiance.

This is so stupid it's unbelievable. But 'Bama does it without a care, so I wouldn't be blaming Auburn too much for this.

Reports: Mack Brown to join ESPN as college football analyst - Burnt Orange Nation

The television career for the former Texas Longhorns head coach may be close to coming to fruition.

Couldn't be any worse than most of the other talking heads that ESPN rolls out for us. I'm looking mostly at the spit mouth guy that accompanies Mark May.

On the Banks Roundtable: Farewell to C-USA 2.0, Hello B1G $$$ - On the Banks

The past couple of years have been transcendent for Rutgers fans everywhere. Let's break out the nostalgia and reminisce on some of the things we'll miss (or won't miss) from our old shack, as well as take a look to the future in our new multi-million dollar mansion:

Less than one month until Maryland and Rutgers join the B1G.

Oklahoma State Running Back Is Jailed -
Oklahoma State running back Devon Thomas was jailed Friday on felony complaints of armed robbery and shooting with intent to kill as investigators determined whether he fired a gun in a heist earlier this week, narrowly missing the head of his alleged victim.

What Memorabilia Best Signifies 125 Seasons? - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
South Dakota, the border state that gave us Tim Miles, is honoring its 125th anniversary of statehood this year. Ironically, at the same time, Nebraska is celebrating our 125th season of football.

Cory Schlesinger has memory loss, but wouldn’t change anything | ProFootballTalk
When Cory Schlesinger was a fullback for the Lions, he was celebrated for having so many head-first hits that the team’s equipment staff regularly had to replace his dented facemasks. Now that head injuries are the biggest concern facing the game of football, those dented facemasks don’t seem like something to celebrate.

Who will be Big Ten 2014 sack masters? Randy Gregory leads contenders - ESPN
Last week, we took a look at some notable offensive milestones -- 3,000 yards passing, 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiving -- and which players in the Big Ten were most likely to reach them. Now, let's turn to the defensive side of the ball and examine which players might get to another impressive plateau: 10 sacks.

Phil Steele Ranks Nebraska #33

How will the offensive line do? That's the big question mark.

Recruiting: Monte Harrison's big week arrives : Latest Husker News

If Husker signee Monte Harrison is a first-round pick, here's what recent history tells us about the percentage of top-round selections who have signed.

MnB B1G Preview: the Nebraska Cornhuskers could face yet another tough season - Maize n Brew

It's that time of year again; time for Maize n Brew's Big Ten football preview! I'm taking a look at everyone's schedule during this series. This week: Nebraska.

Purdue Wins College Football National Championship - Hammer and Rails
We're taking back what's ours!

College Football Playoff may force broader look at officiating
With a new championship format launching, is a national system of college football officiating in the future?

The World Cup is better than your job: An interview about priorities -
We spoke to a dozen employees who took a leave of absence -- or quit outright -- in order to watch the World Cup. Learn from their wisdom.


(There are many other surfaces you can sponge on. I bet you never considered that before today.)