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Big Red Cobcast Episode 18: Money Makes The World Go Round

Mike and Ryan discuss paying Cornhusker players and then they punch each other for 20 minutes.

Jamie Squire

Well guys, its been a few weeks and not much has happened on the "life" front. Actually something did happen, I got a new job but I'm not going to trick myself into thinking that you really care about that.

Soccer has happened too. I understand what my fiance feels like at bars with me in the fall now. Its great to yell "Viva Armenia" or whatever country people are cheering for but it does very little for me. I do enjoy drunkenly chanting "USA! USA! USA!" occasionally. I guess thats what I'll take from soccer, its like an extra round of the 4th of July every couple of years. Only every country is celebrating the 4th of July at once. Good for them, I guess.

On this weeks podcast we talk about rich people. Rich people who don't want to share their money with college students. We also talk about why they don't but lets be honest, the finger pointing is the fun part. I'm look at you NCAA. See, that was the best part of this article.

As always you can do all of this stuff! Please? Seriously though, Please?

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