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Corn Flakes: 'Murica Moves On And There Was A Draft Last Night?

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As most of you know who have been around CN for a while, I don't follow pro sports much. This means that I don't have much to say about what's going on in Major League Baseball, the NBA or whatever the hell else is going on out there (except the WORLD CUP - 'MURICA FUCK YEAH).

So... basically, it's the end of June, and the news is getting a little bleak. At this point, I'm just running around looking for anything interesting, so if you have interesting things I would love it if you'd send them to me via email to

Final 2014 NCBWA Top 30 Poll | College Baseball Daily
Nebraska ended up 30th

Big 12 playoff: 2000 Oklahoma Sooners vs. 1999 Nebraska Cornhuskers - ESPN
So far, it's been an all-Oklahoma semifinal, as the '04 Sooners dispatched '01 Nebraska on Wednesday in our Big 12 BCS-era 16-team playoff.

Fans, TV, college football stadiums, corporate athletic departments and the new dilemmas - Blogs

If you're a Nebraska season-ticket holder or you know one, I want you to imagine this scenario. It probably won't happen – it certainly won't if the Big Ten has some sense – but just in case it does...

Big Ten Network has distribution deals with the three major local cable providers |
The Big Ten Network recently reached an agreement with Comcast, giving the network broad distribution in the area.

Top 10 college football players of the 1990s -

Literally thousands and thousands of players competed on the college gridiron during the 1990s. We have whittled down that pool to come up with the top 10 college players of the decade.

And Tommie Frazier is the top player of the 90s. Well, duh.

Sports Illustrated Baseball Writer Has Never Heard of John Norwood, Baseball - Anchor Of Gold
Want to see what it looks like when a sports writer has literally no idea about the story he was assigned to write?

Maryland baseball: Terps ranked 14th nationally in final 2014 poll; highest-ever ranking - Testudo Times
With days before Maryland enters the B1G, the Terps closed the book on the ACC in style: Maryland was ranked #14 in the final polls, it's highest end of season ranking ever. The only ACC team ranked higher was CWS runner-up UVA.


Rutgers' $47 million problem...and how does it get better? - On the Banks
$47 million dollars ain't chump change. As the late Senator Everett Dirksen once said, "A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money." And so is Rutgers and the B1G. Can that Big Ten money help? There's hope.

Indiana Baseball Coaching Search: Who Will Replace Tracy Smith? - The Crimson Quarry

Examining a few of the potential candidates for replacing Tracy Smith here in Bloomington.

Huskers Embark on International Trip- Daily Blog - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Huskers Embark on International Trip

SB Nation's 2014 NBA Draft Coverage
Apparently there was a draft last night.

O'Bannon trial: NCAA lawyer says it's a cartel that 'does good things' -
On the eve of the end of the Ed O'Bannon trial, the NCAA reluctantly acknowledges it's a cartel but says it doesn't fix prices.

The NCAA has thrown in the towel -
Today, the NCAA put a witness on the stand who has openly admitted they're a cartel.

Here's who the United States will next play in the World Cup -

Belgium win Group H, which means they'll face the United States on July 1.

As you know unless you were stuck in a cave, the United States lost to Germany 1-0 in the World Cup, but advanced to the next stage.

And Then.....